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Management Concepts Grants & Assistance Curriculum covers all phases of the grants lifecycle – from pre-award to closeout to audit. We help all members of the Federal grants community build a solid foundation in governmentwide requirements, agency regulations, and best practices for managing complex grant awards and projects. Grants & Assistance topics include:

  • Uniform Administrative Requirements
  • Cost Principles
  • Audit
  • Monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Performance measurement
  • Closeout
  • Financial administration
  • Federal assistance law

Management Concepts understands your role in the grants community. That's why we offer three tracks in our Grants Management Certificate Program™.

  • Federal
  • Pass-through
  • Recipient

Each track includes courses unique to your role in managing Federal grants as well as cross-cutting foundational knowledge. The National Grants Management Association recommends Management Concepts curriculum and the GMCP™ as a valuable professional development tool for the grants community.

In addition, many of Management Concepts courses support the continuing education needs of auditors. Federal financial assistance programs and governmentwide requirements often have nuanced differences in terms of auditing requirements and expectations.

Learn more about the Management Concepts Grants & Assistance courses that best match your role in the grants community below.

Build a working knowledge of the fundamental processes and techniques involved in federal assistance or delve deeper into a specific topic relevant to your role in grants management.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Applying for Federal Grants & Cooperative Agreements 2065 2 days $789 Learn More
Closeout of Grants for Federal Personnel 2048 2 days $789 Learn More
Cooperative Agreements & Substantial Involvement 2044 1 day $619 Learn More
Detecting and Preventing Fraud on Federal Grant Projects 2093 2 days $789 Learn More
Federal Grants Update 2017 1 day $619 Learn More
Grants Administration for Federal Program Personnel 2049 3 days $899 Learn More
How to Prepare the Application Budget 2061 1 day $619 Learn More
How to Write the Application Narrative 2060 2 days $789 Learn More
Internal Controls for the Federal Grants Community 2068 2 days $789 Learn More
Introduction to Grants & Cooperative Agreements for Federal Personnel 2040 3 days $899 Learn More
Managing Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Recipients 2062 3 days $899 Learn More
Monitoring Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal Personnel 2043 2 days $789 Learn More
Performance Measurement for Federal Grants Under 2 CFR 200 2091 2 days $789 Learn More
Procuring Goods and Services Under Federal Grants 2071 2 days $789 Learn More
Subawarding for Pass-Through Entities 2075 2 days $789 Learn More
Subawarding for Pass-Through Entities (Online) 2775 6 weeks $869 Learn More

Develop your understanding of the basic legal framework underpinning federal grants. Get hands-on experience researching answers in the regulatory and policy resources used by grants administrators in their daily work, analyze court cases and Government Accountability Office decisions, and gain insights into the legal and ethical requirements affecting federal grants.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Appropriations Law for Federal Grants 2045 1 day $619 Learn More
Cost Principles for Federal Grants: 2 CFR Part 200 (Subpart E) and FAR 31.2 2080 2 days $789 Learn More
Ethics in the Grants Environment 2047 1 day $619 Learn More
Federal Assistance Law 2046 3 days $899 Learn More
Understanding National Policy Requirements Affecting Grants 2067 2 days $789 Learn More
Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subparts A through D) 2050 2 days $789 Learn More

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