HR in the Federal Context

This two-day “boot camp” will teach participants what they need to know to navigate the federal environment. Participants will learn the rules, regulations, and guiding principles surrounding the operations and management of HR in the federal government in addition to gaining valuable knowledge of their role as an HR professional within this regulatory framework. Participants receive a thorough overview of classification and compensation systems as integral, yet specialized part of a comprehensive view of the federal government. This correlative viewpoint will allow participants to gain a holistic perspective as to how the classification and compensation systems and processes fit within the federal regulatory environment, as well as their connection to vital HR functional areas and competencies.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the roles and authorities of federal agencies and oversight bodies
  • Recognize the implications of the budget process to federal HR Professionals
  • Describe the differences between Title 5 of the US Code and the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Explain the unique position of the federal government compared to the private sector
  • Describe the purpose behind government accountability
  • Describe the federal classification process
  • Describe the federal hiring system and key hiring issues
  • Identify basic legal rights and responsibilities of bargaining units and management
  • Describe the differences between private and public sector employee and labor relations
  • Demonstrate understanding of the impact of the administration and Congress on federal HR
  • The federal framework
  • Sources of authority: US Code titles 1-50
  • What makes federal HR different
  • Accountability
  • Classification, pay, and benefits
  • Federal hiring
  • Federal employee and labor relations
  • Hot topics and current events
Suggested Prerequisites
Suggested Follow-on Courses
Additional Information
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Course Details

Course Number: 4910
Tuition: $929
Duration: 2 days
CLPs: 16
Course Format
Facilitated discussions, individual and group activities, case scenarios, and simulation
Exam Format
No Exams

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Washington, DC

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