Hiring in the Federal Context

A critical course for any federal HR professional, this course provides a foundational understanding of key talent management processes, including staffing, recruitment, selection, onboarding, retention, and training. Participants will learn the importance of these processes, how to operate within the federal framework by supporting relevant rules and regulations, how to proactively advise agency customers in talent management areas, and relevant best practices and federal HR trends.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the historical context surrounding the federal hiring process
  • Identify the purpose and rules/regulations surrounding the OPM end-to-end hiring initiative
  • Explain how the administration’s hiring reform impacts federal hiring
  • Discuss each of the major steps in the hiring process
  • Comply with relevant federal staffing rules and regulations
  • Serve as a strategic partner in advising managers on staffing
  • Utilize various outreach and recruitment strategies to target and recruit top candidates
  • Describe the steps involved in the candidate assessment process (both internal and external)
  • Advise hiring managers on best practices associated with selection
  • Describe the importance and benefits of new employee onboarding
  • Apply best practices associated with retention and engagement
  • Comply with federal regulations regarding development and training
  • Utilize best practices associated with development and training
  • Legal framework
  • Staffing: identifying and validating the need
  • Recruitment: job posting and outreach
  • Assessment and selection
  • Onboarding
  • Retention and succession planning
  • Development and training
Suggested Prerequisites
Suggested Follow-on Courses
Additional Information
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