Strategic Workforce Planning for Senior Leaders

This two day facilitated workshop is designed for individuals responsible for leading and managing agency workforce planning efforts. Participants will leave with a central understanding of strategic workforce planning components, what the common barriers to successful workforce planning are, and tangible resolution strategies to these barriers. The workshop provides a forum to network and learn from peers.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify solutions to common workforce planning barriers
  • Explain the purpose of workforce planning within the agency context
  • Effectively engage executives during the workforce planning process
  • Align workforce planning efforts to agency strategic  goals
  • Strategically implement a workforce plan
  • Develop effective metrics to evaluate the impact of workforce planning activities
  • Gather feedback on your workforce planning process to promote continuous improvement
  • The case for workforce planning: why it’s essential and the senior level practitioner’s role in the process
  • Executive leadership engagement
  • Tactical workforce planning: a data-driven process
  • Strategic alignment to achieve agency-wide goals
  • Strategic implementation of WFP across an agency (change management)
  • Strategic evaluation and performance
  • Identifying lessons learned for continuous improvement
Suggested Prerequisites
Additional Information
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Course Details

Course Number: 4935
Tuition: $929
Duration: 2 days
CLPs: 16
Level: Advanced
Course Format
Facilitated discussions, individual and group activities, case scenarios, and simulation
Exam Format
No Exams

Course Location & Dates

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