FCN 190: FAR Fundamentals

In this FAC-C Level I capstone course, students will be immersed in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) throughout the course and emerge knowledgeable of the government contracting process; the FAR and FAR supplement structure; FAR Parts 1–53; and will be able to locate and understand FAR regulations, guidance, provisions, and clauses. Students will navigate the online FAR as they wrestle with realistic scenario-based contracting situations. This training course is designed for contracting personnel who have completed the prerequisite courses and are seeking to complete their FAC-C Level I certification training.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the basic framework of the Federal acquisition environment and locate, cite, and interpret information in the FAR
  • Identify the policies and procedures related to acquisition planning, preferred and required sources, competition requirements, types of contracts, special contracting methods, describing agency needs, publicizing contract actions, and socioeconomic programs
  • Identify polices and procedures for soliciting offers, evaluating bids and offers, conducting exchanges with offerors, awarding contracts, managing protests, and conducting simplified acquisitions
  • Identify the fundamental concepts of administration, the rights of parties when contract performance is unacceptable, applicable payment clauses, contract modifications, contract disputes, terminations, and closeout
  • Using the FAR
  • Acquisition planning process
  • Sources
  • Competition requirements
  • Methods of contracting
  • Types of contracts
  • Interagency agreements, options, and Indefinite Delivery Contracts
  • Describing agency needs
  • Publicizing contract actions
  • Socioeconomic programs
  • Contract formation principles
  • Solicitation of offers
  • Bid evaluation
  • Proposal evaluation and exchanges with offerors
  • Contract award
  • Protests
  • Simplified acquisition procedures
  • Contract administration basics
  • Contract performance measurement
  • Quality assurance
  • Payment
  • Contract modifications
  • Disputes and appeals
  • Contract terminations
  • Contract closeout
Mandatory Prerequisites
Suggested Prerequisites
Additional Information
  • The following Legacy courses can satisfy the mandatory prerequisites:

    • CON 112 or FCN 112

Course Details

Course Number: 1191
Tuition: $2299
Duration: 10 days
NASBA CPE Credits: 80
CLPs: 80
CEUs: 8
Level: Basic
Field of Study
Exam Format
7 Graded Quizzes and 2 module exams

Course Location & Dates

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