Appropriations Law

Management Concepts appropriations law courses help a wide range of staff understand the proper use of appropriated funds. Our courses provide students with updates on the latest Comptroller General decisions as well as the opportunity to practice applying what is learned in the classroom so they can use funds correctly on the job. These courses provide the critical information students need to make sound financial management decisions and are applicable for anyone who deals with “money” in the Federal government including budget analysts, accountants, auditors, contracting officers, purchase card holders and approving managers, certifying officers, program managers, and attorneys.

Civilian and Defense personnel will benefit equally from these timely offerings, which focus on the most recent developments in appropriations law. Additionally, we offer refresher courses, both instructor-led and online, which keep students informed on the updates in Appropriations Law.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Appropriations Law for Contracting Professionals 1051 3 days $839 Learn More
Appropriations Law for Federal Grants 2045 1 day $639 Learn More
Appropriations Law for Revolving Funds and Reimbursables 5147 2 days $689 Learn More
Appropriations Law Refresher and Update 5157 2 days $689 Learn More
Appropriations Law Seminar 5111 4 days $1029 Learn More
DoD Fiscal Law Online Refresher 5913 4 hours $429 Learn More
Fiscal Law in DOD 5511 2 days $689 Learn More
The Antideficiency Act 5127 2 Days $689 Learn More
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