Federal Employees

As a Federal grants manager, administrator, or program official you need to understand how to award and monitor financial assistance programs effectively. You need to be well versed in the nuances between grants and cooperative agreements, how and when to apply 2 CFR 200, and develop performance measures that support your agency’s mission and your grant program’s statutory requirements. You are also advising your colleagues and supervisors on the continuing efforts to improve the transparency and accountability for every Federal dollar spent.

Management Concepts understands that when you are able to take time for training, that it must support your own individual development plans and build your grants management competencies in the areas of:
  • Financial Assistance Mechanisms
  • Grants Management
  • Grants Management Laws, Regulations & Guidelines
  • Compliance
  • Financial Analysis

You can take a Management Concepts introductory course or get more in-depth practice in your key responsibilities such as monitoring techniques or closeout best practices. Apply the governmentwide emphasis on accountability to your own grant portfolio, and help your recipients maximize their performance and results. If you work with cooperative agreements, learn more about what substantial involvement really entails. Or catch up on the changes important to the entire grants community in Management Concepts Federal Grants Update.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Advanced Cost Principles: Avoiding Problem Areas & Responding to Questioned Costs 2084 1 day $639 Learn More
Appropriations Law for Federal Grants 2045 1 day $639 Learn More
Audit of Federal Grants and Assistance Awards 2052 2 days $809 Learn More
Closeout of Grants for Federal Personnel 2048 2 days $809 Learn More
Cooperative Agreements & Substantial Involvement 2044 1 day $639 Learn More
Cost Principles for Federal Grants: 2 CFR Part 200 (Subpart E) and FAR 31.2 2080 2 days $809 Learn More
Detecting and Preventing Fraud on Federal Grant Projects 2093 2 days $809 Learn More
Developing & Monitoring Indirect/F&A Cost Rate Proposals Under 2 CFR 200 2085 2 days $809 Learn More
Ethics in the Grants Environment 2047 1 day $639 Learn More
Evaluating Federal Funds Management Capabilities of Recipients and Subrecipients 2042 2 days $809 Learn More
Federal Assistance Law 2046 3 days $929 Learn More
Federal Grants Update 2017 1 day $639 Learn More
Grants Administration for Federal Program Personnel 2049 3 days $929 Learn More
Internal Controls for the Federal Grants Community 2068 2 days $809 Learn More
Introduction to Grants & Cooperative Agreements for Federal Personnel 2040 3 days $929 Learn More
Monitoring Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal Personnel 2043 2 days $809 Learn More
Performance Measurement for Federal Grants Under 2 CFR 200 2091 2 days $809 Learn More
Understanding National Policy Requirements Affecting Grants 2067 2 days $809 Learn More
Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subparts A through D) 2050 2 days $809 Learn More

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