Grants Management Processes & Techniques

If you are new to grants, our courses help you establish a firm foundation in your roles and responsibilities throughout the grant lifecycle, whether you work for a federal agency, pass-through entity, or recipient organization. If you are a seasoned grants professional, we offer training that takes you to the next level with focused, competency-based courses geared toward helping you improve your workplace performance.

  • Federal Grants Managers, Monitors, and Program Officials: Take our introductory course or get more in-depth practice in key responsibilities such as monitoring techniques or closeout best practices. Apply the governmentwide emphasis on accountability to your own grant portfolio, helping your recipients maximize their performance and results. If you work with cooperative agreements, learn more about what substantial involvement really entails.
  • Pass-Through Entities: Find detailed training on how to award and monitor your subgrants, as well as guidance on how to effectively manage your own awards.
  • Grant Applicants and Recipients: Develop a methodology for finding and assessing grant opportunities, fine-tune your grant narrative writing skills, or build a justifiable grant budget. Explore in-depth your responsibilities for managing a federal grant from award through closeout.

Take Your Career to the Next Level!
Enroll in the Grants Management Certificate Program, the industry standard for grants professionals.

Our nationwide and online grants management training program also spans across two other critical areas:

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Applying for Federal Grants & Cooperative Agreements 2065 2 days $809 Learn More
Closeout of Grants for Federal Personnel 2048 2 days $809 Learn More
Cooperative Agreements & Substantial Involvement 2044 1 day $639 Learn More
Detecting and Preventing Fraud on Federal Grant Projects 2093 2 days $809 Learn More
Federal Grants Update 2017 1 day $639 Learn More
Grants Administration for Federal Program Personnel 2049 3 days $929 Learn More
How to Prepare the Grant Application Budget 2061 1 day $639 Learn More
How to Write the Application Narrative 2060 2 days $809 Learn More
Internal Controls for the Federal Grants Community 2068 2 days $809 Learn More
Introduction to Grants & Cooperative Agreements for Federal Personnel 2040 3 days $929 Learn More
Managing Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Recipients 2062 3 days $929 Learn More
Monitoring Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal Personnel 2043 2 days $809 Learn More
Performance Measurement for Federal Grants Under 2 CFR 200 2091 2 days $809 Learn More
Procuring Goods and Services Under Federal Grants 2071 2 days $809 Learn More
Subawarding for Pass-Through Entities 2075 2 days $809 Learn More

Additional Information

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