Staffing and Workforce Development

Help your organization hire effectively and develop employees to meet the mission-critical needs of today and the future. Count on us to provide you with the skills needed to collaborate effectively with your organization’s leaders, plan workforce needs, engage in succession planning, grow talent within your organization, and support operations and change management through effective staffing and position management.

You can also pair our staffing and workforce management courses with compliance or general HR management courses to complement your training in each area and increase your marketability. Whether you work in a human resources department or simply seek to partner effectively with HR or your personnel office — get the skills you need to position your organization to have the workforce necessary for mission success.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Federal Talent Acquisition 4921 2 days $689 Learn More
Federal Workforce Planning 4906 2 days $809 Learn More
Job Analysis for Recruitment and Selection 4912 3 days $1099 Learn More
Position Management 4914 2 days $809 Learn More
Supporting Professional Growth 4918 1 day $509 Learn More
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