Laws, Regulations, and Policies Affecting Grants

The federal grant lifecycle is shaped by foundational legal requirements, including the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and National Policy Requirements. Failing to comply with applicable legal provisions can lead to problems, both for the awarding federal agency or pass-through entity, and also for recipients and subrecipients. We provide in-depth training on all of the governmentwide requirements that impact grants, using scenario-based exercises to help you apply the rules to real-life situations you face on the job. Courses in this area are relevant to staff from federal, pass-through, and recipient entities as well as auditors. Federal assistance law is a fascinating and challenging area, relevant not just for grants lawyers but for federal and recipient grants administrators who need to understand the legal underpinnings of federal assistance. For federal agency personnel, we also offer a focused look at appropriations law applicable to federal grants and training on the ethics issues that confront federal staff working with assistance programs. Take Your Career to the Next Level!

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Our nationwide and online grants management training program also spans across two other critical areas:

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Appropriations Law for Federal Grants 2045 1 day $639 Learn More
Cost Principles for Federal Grants: 2 CFR Part 200 (Subpart E) and FAR 31.2 2080 2 days $809 Learn More
Ethics in the Grants Environment 2047 1 day $639 Learn More
Federal Assistance Law 2046 3 days $929 Learn More
Understanding National Policy Requirements Affecting Grants 2067 2 days $809 Learn More
Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subparts A through D) 2050 2 days $809 Learn More

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