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Management Concepts offers the most comprehensive grants management training available, spanning the grants lifecycle from preaward through grant closeout. Our goal is to provide the Federal, pass-through, and recipient workforces with the knowledge and skills they need to improve program and public accountability, efficiency, and outcomes for beneficiaries.

We offer training in three critical areas:
  • Grants Management Processes and Techniques
  • Laws, Regulations, and Policies
  • Financial Practices, Assessments, and Audits
Our broad array of courses in these areas are useful to grants and programmatic personnel on both the federal and recipient levels and supports the qualifications standards required for positions in OPM’s GS-1109 Grants Management Series.

In addition to our wide variety of traditional, instructor-led classes available in many convenient locations across the country, we also offer eleven of our most popular courses in an online format.

Enroll in the Industry-Leading Grants Management Certificate ProgramTM

Our Grants Management Certificate ProgramTM sets the standard for fundamental, comprehensive professional education for grants personnel. The National Grants Management Association recommends it as a valuable professional development tool for the grants community.

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Understand the financial side of federal assistance from federal audit requirements and financial administration to cost allocation plans and indirect cost rates.

Build a working knowledge of the fundamental processes and techniques involved in federal assistance or delve deeper into a specific topic relevant to your role in grants management.

Develop your understanding of the basic legal framework underpinning federal grants. Get hands-on experience researching answers in the regulatory and policy resources used by grants administrators in their daily work, analyze court cases and Government Accountability Office decisions, and gain insights into the legal and ethical requirements affecting federal grants.

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