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Q: Can I earn college credit for Management Concepts training courses? Yes. Many colleges and universities have developed policies and procedures for awarding credit for learning that is attained outside the college classroom. This includes learning acquired from work and life experiences, independent reading and study, and participation in formal courses sponsored by associations, business and industry, the military, and government. The American Council on Education (ACE) has established through an intensive review process that a number of the Management Concepts training courses are college-level instruction and has recommended credit for them. 

Q: What is ACE and what is its role in the review process? ACE is the major national coordinating body for postsecondary education. ACE reviews and makes credit recommendations for formal educational programs and courses offered by organizations such as AIB/ABA. Its credit recommendations are intended to guide colleges and universities as they consider awarding such credit. ACE reviews all courses according to standardized policies and procedures and therefore has a consistent review process that is accepted by colleges and universities as impartial and credible.

Q: Which Management Concepts courses carry ACE college credit recommendations? To date, more than 80 Management Concepts courses have been documented and reviewed by ACE and awarded college-level credit recommendations. As ACE reviews additional courses and awards college credit recommendations, it will publish descriptions of those courses in its annual edition of The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs. Click to see a list of the 83 courses that were reviewed.

Q: How does ACE determine the number of credits to be awarded? ACE bases the number of credits recommended for each course on factors such as length of course, level of difficulty, reviews of student achievement, or knowledge gained by satisfactory completion of the course, required readings and reports, and writings or performance demonstrations. The National Guide lists the recommended number and level of credits for each course at the end of each course exhibit. A team of subject-matter experts makes this recommendation when it has determined that a course is at the college level.

Q: Is college credit automatically earned when someone successfully completes a course listed in the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs? No. Successful completion of such a course results in actual course credit only when a postsecondary institution accepts the course toward a degree or certificate. Students who have already taken one of the courses listed in The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs, or who plan to take one, should contact the admissions office or their faculty advisers to determine the acceptability of the course for credit. The extent to which the content of the course is relevant to a student's academic program of study forms the basis for determining the number of credits that will be accepted. Note: These are credit recommendations. A college is not required to grant as much credit as recommended by the reviewers, nor is a college limited to granting only that amount of credit.

Q: Are policies for granting credit the same in all colleges? No. Each college sets its own policies, and these vary from college to college. While most colleges grant credit for a course conducted by a noncollegiate organization, some may not. It should be noted that sometimes a college does not grant credit, but it may instead waive a prerequisite course. Each institution, and in many cases each academic department within the institution, sets its own policies for granting credit. The college admissions office should be able to guide students to the appropriate official responsible for deciding credit recommendations.

Q: How much credit may be earned from courses taken from ACE participating organizations? Colleges and universities have different policies regarding the amount of off campus credit that may be earned. The student should check with the college to determine the amount of credit that will be granted for such courses and the subject area in which the college will grant credit for these courses. A college may grant credit only provisionally at enrollment time and may withhold full credit until the student successfully completes one or more courses at the college.

Q: What are the steps for requesting college credit for completed Management Concepts courses?
  • Once you have determined the courses you have taken are eligible, contact ACE at 202.939.9434 and request to register in their online system.
  • Once you are registered you will be able to access their online site and choose the Management Concepts courses for which you would like credit.
  • Management Concepts will receive a notification via email that you are requesting courses to be approved.
  • After we approve (or disapprove) your courses you will be sent an email from ACE that informs you that your class statuses have changed from pending to approved (or disapproved.) Before you can view your transcript you will be prompted to pay a $40 dollar fee online with a credit card or check card. ACE does not accept personal checks or money orders.
  • The ACE Registry office will process the approvals and send you two verification letters – a receipt for payment and a course verification letter.
  • Once you receive the course verification letter via email, inform your college or university that you've completed these courses and would like to have the ACE-recommended credits applied to your degree program.
  • Fill out a request for an ACE Transcript online: and email, mail, or fax it to the ACE Transcript Service:

    American Council on Education
    One DuPont Circle NW
    Suite 250
    Washington, DC 20036-1193
    Fax 202.775.8578.

    ACE will then send the academic institution an official transcript confirming that you've successfully completed the course. Please remember: Your initial fee of $40 covers your first ACE Transcript. After your first request for an ACE Transcript subsequent requests are $15.

  • Call or write the college registrar and ask if the course transcript has been received and is in your file.
  • Talk with your college or university advisor to find out whether the ACE-recommended credits will be transferred to your program of study.
  • If your advisor is not familiar with ACE's credit recommendations for workplace education, the advisor may call ACE directly at 202.939.9434 or refer to the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs. The National Guide is a reference book listing credit recommendations and course descriptions for ACE-reviewed training.

Q: What should I do if the credit recommendations are not accepted by my college? You should inform the appropriate ACE program office promptly. Lack of familiarity with the American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service may be the reason for a college's refusal to accept records or credit recommendations. A phone call or letter from the appropriate ACE program office to the college may alleviate that problem. The phone number for the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service Office in the Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials is 202.939.9434.