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The Remote Student Experience

Attend Live Classroom Training Sessions from Anywhere

Time constraints, travel budget limitations, and commutes. The three most common challenges you fight to overcome to get the training you need. We’ve heard the voices of our students, and have the solution to win the battle once and for all! Introducing The Remote Student Experience…

To make training more convenient and easily accessible, we now offer you the ability to register as a Remote Student in our live classroom training sessions. You will be able to fully engage with the instructor and your classmates in real-time by joining a live classroom session remotely.

Remote student participation is just one of several flexible training delivery methods we offer to remove obstacles and help ensure that your professional and organizational goals are achieved.

We have provided two short videos – one will familiarize you with The Remote Student Experience and the other provides instructions which take you through the steps you’ll need to take to ensure the best training experience as a Remote Student. We’ve also included answers to our most frequently asked questions below.


  Need Help?

If you need help getting into the portal, or resolving other technical issues, contact If you have questions regarding technology requirements please click here. For Remote Student Troubleshooting FAQs, please click here.

NOTE: Remote student participation is not available for every session of a course. Please refer to the list below for sessions which presently have availability for Remote Student Participants. For more information contact Customer Service at 844.876.7476.

"Virtual and Remote classes are a great money saver for the government. They don’t have to pay for airfare, lodging, or per diem. This set up is double awesome if your organization allows you to take the classes from the comfort of your own home."Joe B., Budget Analyst Veterans Affairs

“I really enjoyed the format of not having to travel and the content was delivered the same as if I was in the classroom. The materials were right on – it was just really good. I’m looking forward to the next Remote class that I have at the end of the month. I just appreciate you all doing the Remote option because it really helps alleviate travel challenges while still getting the same experience you would in a classroom.” –  Janalyn Mitsiopoulos, FDIC



Classes Accepting Registrations for Remote Students

Class IDCourse NameLocationStart DateEnd DateTuition
171070009Contracting Officer's Representative CourseWashington, DC3/06/20173/10/2017$1,099
171091002Statement of Work (SOW) WorkshopWashington, DC3/20/20173/22/2017$799
171070012Contracting Officer's Representative CourseTysons Corner, VA4/03/20174/07/2017$1,099
171070014Contracting Officer's Representative CourseWashington, DC4/10/20174/14/2017$1,099
171071006COR RefresherWashington, DC4/13/20174/13/2017$579
171070017Contracting Officer's Representative CourseWashington, DC4/24/20174/28/2017$1,099
171321002CON 121: Contract PlanningWashington, DC4/24/20174/25/2017$749
171070021Contracting Officer's Representative CourseTysons Corner, VA5/08/20175/12/2017$1,099
171070023Contracting Officer's Representative CourseWashington, DC5/22/20175/26/2017$1,099
171091003Statement of Work (SOW) WorkshopWashington, DC5/31/20176/02/2017$799
171321003CON 121: Contract PlanningTysons Corner, VA6/12/20176/13/2017$749
171070028Contracting Officer's Representative CourseWashington, DC6/26/20176/30/2017$1,099
Class IDCourse NameLocationStart DateEnd DateTuition
175111011Appropriations Law Seminar.Tysons Corner, VA3/20/20173/23/2017$999
175111012Appropriations Law SeminarWashington, DC3/28/20173/31/2017$999
175112005Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for AccountabilityWashington, DC4/04/20174/07/2017$999
175111015Appropriations Law Seminar.Washington, DC4/10/20174/13/2017$999
175108004Overview of Internal Control GuidanceWashington, DC4/14/20174/14/2017$439
175090004The Federal Budget ProcessWashington, DC4/17/20174/18/2017$669
175112006Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for AccountabilityWashington, DC4/24/20174/27/2017$999
175812002Internal Control Over Financial ReportingWashington, DC5/01/20175/03/2017$819
175111019Appropriations Law SeminarWashington, DC5/02/20175/05/2017$999
175111021Appropriations Law Seminar.Tysons Corner, VA5/15/20175/18/2017$999
175090006The Federal Budget ProcessWashington, DC5/25/20175/26/2017$669
175111022Appropriations Law Seminar.Washington, DC6/05/20176/08/2017$999
175112009Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for AccountabilityWashington, DC6/05/20176/08/2017$999
175127004The Antideficiency ActWashington, DC6/15/20176/16/2017$669
Class IDCourse NameLocationStart DateEnd DateTuition
174060003Critical Thinking for Problem SolvingWashington, DC3/13/20173/15/2017$979
174320002Communicating StrategicallyWashington, DC3/27/20173/28/2017$789
174317003Business WritingWashington, DC4/03/20174/04/2017$789
174318003Briefing and Presentation SkillsWashington, DC4/05/20174/07/2017$979
174374002Customer Service Skills and TechniquesTysons Corner, VA4/17/20174/18/2017$669
174320003Communicating StrategicallyWashington, DC5/08/20175/09/2017$789
174318004Briefing and Presentation SkillsWashington, DC5/17/20175/19/2017$979
174060006Critical Thinking for Problem SolvingWashington, DC5/22/20175/24/2017$979
174317005Business WritingWashington, DC5/22/20175/23/2017$789
174318006Briefing and Presentation SkillsWashington, DC6/14/20176/16/2017$979
174320004Communicating StrategicallyTysons Corner, VA6/15/20176/16/2017$789
174060007Critical Thinking for Problem SolvingWashington, DC6/19/20176/21/2017$979
174317006Business WritingWashington, DC6/22/20176/23/2017$789
174374003Customer Service Skills and TechniquesWashington, DC6/26/20176/27/2017$669
174318007Briefing and Presentation SkillsWashington, DC6/28/20176/30/2017$979
Class IDCourse NameLocationStart DateEnd DateTuition
172043003Monitoring Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelWashington, DC3/02/20173/03/2017$789
172091002Performance Measurement for Federal Grants Under 2 CFR 200Tysons Corner, VA3/13/20173/14/2017$789
172040005Introduction to Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelWashington, DC3/13/20173/15/2017$899
172043005Monitoring Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelWashington, DC3/16/20173/17/2017$789
172050009Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subparts A-D)Washington, DC3/20/20173/21/2017$789
172080010Cost Principles for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subpart E) and FAR 31.2Washington, DC3/22/20173/23/2017$789
172050015Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subparts A-D)Washington, DC5/08/20175/09/2017$789
172091004Performance Measurement for Federal Grants Under 2 CFR 200Washington, DC5/09/20175/10/2017$789
172080016Cost Principles for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subpart E) and FAR 31.2Washington, DC5/10/20175/11/2017$789
172017003Federal Grants UpdateWashington, DC5/12/20175/12/2017$619
172040009Introduction to Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelWashington, DC5/15/20175/17/2017$899
172043009Monitoring Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelWashington, DC5/18/20175/19/2017$789
172040010Introduction to Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelTysons Corner, VA6/05/20176/07/2017$899
172043010Monitoring Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Federal PersonnelTysons Corner, VA6/08/20176/09/2017$789
172050020Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subparts A-D)Washington, DC6/19/20176/20/2017$789
172080021Cost Principles for Federal Grants: 2 CFR 200 (Subpart E) and FAR 31.2Washington, DC6/21/20176/22/2017$789
Class IDCourse NameLocationStart DateEnd DateTuition
174921002Federal Talent AcquisitionWashington, DC5/11/20175/12/2017$669
174909002The Federal Human Resources Business PartnerWashington, DC6/12/20176/13/2017$789
174918002Supporting Professional Growth in OrganizationsWashington, DC6/13/20176/13/2017$499

FAQs for Management Concepts Remote Students

What does it mean to be a Remote Student?

To be a Remote Student means that you join a live classroom training course remotely from the convenience of your home or office. Using the Adobe Connect™ platform, you will be able to fully engage in the live classroom training, led by an industry expert instructor. You will be able to see and hear the instructor’s presentation using a headset (provided by Management Concepts), interact with the instructor and fellow students, perform all of the required course exercises, as well as participate in breakout sessions.

What are the benefits of being a Remote Student?

  • You will have the convenience of virtually attending a live classroom training course (via the Internet) at your home or office.
  • You will save travel budget expenses by avoiding airfare, hotel, and rental car costs.
  • You will interact with your instructor and classmates in real time during your class.

Is there a difference in cost for attending a Management Concepts course as a Remote Student vs. being a live classroom student?

No. The cost of the course is the same for students who will physically be in the classroom and those who are participating remotely.

Will I have the same course materials as the live classroom students?

Yes. Live classroom students will receive course materials when they arrive for the class. Remote student participants will be provided with course materials and a headset by FedEx delivery approximately three to five business days before the class start date. NOTE: Remote student participants must register at least seven calendar days prior to the class start date in order to allow sufficient time for material shipment.

Where can I participate in a training course as a Remote Student?

You can participate in a training course from your home, office, or any location of your choice. While not required, we do recommend that you use a high-speed, hard wired Internet connection. You will need to validate your equipment prior to the course start date to ensure it meets the required specifications.

What platform is used for Remote Students to take part in the live classroom sessions?

Management Concepts uses Adobe Connect™ to enable our Remote Students to be fully engaged in our live classroom sessions. You will conduct your hands-on exercises through a remote connection to a classroom computer. Your instructor will be able to monitor your progress and offer assistance if needed.

How will I interact with my instructor and classmates during class?

You will be able to speak to the instructor through the USB headset we will provide to you along with your course materials. You will also be able to communicate via the Adobe Connect™ Chat Pod by typing private messages to the instructor or to your classmates. You will hear the instructor’s presentation, and your classmates’ questions and comments through the headset as well.

What is a breakout session and how does it work?

A breakout session allows the instructor to separate the attendees into smaller groups in order to complete group activities. When you are placed in a breakout room, you will have access to collaboration tools that all participants in your breakout group can utilize. NOTE: Not all classes have breakout sessions.

Can I take the exam associated with my course?

Yes. If there is an exam required for the course, Remote Students will be instructed to access Student Central,, to access their exam. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Lost Password” feature. If you forgot your user name, send an e-mail to for assistance. Once you are logged in to Student Central, links will display for all available classes (class name and class ID). When you click the link for your class, you will be redirected to the class page which will contain a link for the appropriate exam. Click the exam link to begin the exam, which will be taken immediately following the end of the class. NOTE: Not all classes have exams.

When and how do I receive my course completion certificate?

Approximately two weeks after the class end date, if you have full attendance, completed the course requirements, and when applicable, passed a final exam, you will receive your course completion certificate via e-mail where a link will be provided to view and/or print your certificate.

What happens if I have technical problems during my class?

Should you experience technical difficulties during the classroom session, call our technical support team, toll-free, at 844.876.7476 or send an e-mail to us at

I have more questions about being a Remote Student, where can I get more information?

If you need more information or have questions about being a Remote Student, please call us at 888.545.8579 and we will be more than happy to assist you further.