Company History

As a privately-held, second-generation company, Management Concepts is a testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit.  

In 1973, founder Thomas F. Dungan, Jr., leveraged his expertise in federal acquisition and contracting to develop the company's first training courses. To get the word out, he engaged his wife and children to lick stamps for the company’s first mailing. Dungan’s dedication and hard work started the engine that took the company places he could not have imagined. Thomas F. Dungan III joined the company in 1992, became president in 1995 and CEO in 2008, and today continues to lead the company as CEO. 

In the early years, Management Concepts had little marketing budget and relied on word-of-mouth from delighted customers as its primary growth engine. The principles of doing the right thing for the customer, focusing on quality, and meeting commitments remain central to the company’s values and culture today.   

In the 1980s, Management Concepts entered what was then an emerging training industry.  The federal government and private industry recognized that if America’s workforce was to be prepared for the new knowledge economy, a different kind of practical, workplace-based education would be needed.  Management Concepts response was to increase course offerings, adding new topic areas to meet our customers' growing needs.  

The rise of personal computers, the Internet, mobile technology, social media, and other organization enabling technologies has fundamentally changed the way we serve our customers. Today, four decades after our founding, we offer comprehensive professional development solutions including:

  • Career and Professional Development Solutions for Individuals
  • Performance Improvement Solutions for Teams
  • Workforce Development Solutions for Organizations

All of our offerings are specifically designed to help our customers perform at their fullest potential, advance in their careers, and deliver on their organization’s mission.  

Our dedication to improving the government workforce has gained the attention of a number of industry-leading commercial clients that face similar challenges — alignment throughout the organization, leadership, business process, logistics, and scale. Over the years, Management Concepts has demonstrated the ability to effectively work with both the public and private sectors in achieving the desired results and surpassing expectations.

In 2010, Management Concepts was awarded the prestigious Business of the Year by ISA, the premier association of learning providers. The award commends the company's quality services and products, dedication to clients, financial stability, and affirming culture.

The history of Management Concepts is still being written, and we are proud of the way we have changed and grown, without losing sight of the fact that our customers are still our most important focus.  Our mission — to unleash the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations — still guides our journey.  We know that nothing would be possible without the customers who speak enthusiastically about us and our creative and knowledgeable staff who serve our customers and meet every challenge.


Thomas F. Dungan, III
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