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Things to go Awry Plan For Things to go Awry

Explore a step-by-step plot to help you and your organization mitigate potential challenges.

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RPA Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Program Secrets of Success

See key success factors for implementing effective RPA program in your agency.

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Create Vision Internal Control in the Federal Government

A fresh perspective on establishing a good internal control program to drive mission success.

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Create Vision Create a Vision with Your Data

Crafting a story with your data is pivotal for sharing insights and driving business decisions.

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Remote_ToolsPros and Cons of Telework Communication Tools

Communication is essential to mission success and requires additional attention when dealing with dispersed teams.

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What Should You Expect from the Proposed Uniform Guidance Changes?

The Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) revisions have been released. Skip the 44 pages of tiny print and watch our recap.

6 Quick Tips for Setting Up Productive Virtual Meetings

Whether you’re a master facilitator or a beginner, these virtual meeting techniques are a must for effective virtual meetings.