Acquisition & Contracting

Management Concepts offers current and compelling Federal acquisition and contracting training. Rigorously researched and updated on a continuous basis, our courses provide relevant and practical content on governmentwide acquisition and contracting regulations, case law, real property leasing, personal property management, and best practices to help you remain up-to-date and improve your performance.

Our open enrollment courses are available when and where you need them, with a robust schedule of sessions offered in convenient locations nationwide, Or, we can customize training to your needs and deliver at your preferred location.

In addition to helping you meet mandatory training requirements and improving your performance, we can help you further your formal education and professional advancement with courses that offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs), and Continuous Learning Points (CLPs). Several of our courses have also received college credit recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE).

We offer introductory, advanced, and specialized courses in acquisition and contracting. Although our courses are designed specifically for Federal and DoD agencies, they also can help government contractors understand the regulations that guide the Federal acquisition system.

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Our DAU-equivalent courses support Contracting Officers and Contract Specialists seeking to meet mandatory training requirements of FAC-C and DAWIA. We offer a broad range of courses that can fulfill elective or continuous learning requirements for maintaining certification and helping you serve as an effective business advisor on the acquisition team.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
ACQ 265: Mission-Focused Services Acquisition 1265 3.5 days $1039 Learn More
ACQ 370: Acquisition Law 1370 4.5 days $1119 Learn More
CON 090: FAR Fundamentals 1190 19 days Call Learn More
CON 100: Shaping Smart Business Arrangements 1101 4 days $979 Learn More
CON 121: Contract Planning 1321 2 days $789 Learn More
CON 124: Contract Execution 1324 2 days $789 Learn More
CON 127: Contract Management 1327 2 days $789 Learn More
CON 170: Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis 1170 10 days $2489 Learn More
CON 200: Business Decisions for Contracting 1200 3 days $839 Learn More
CON 216: Legal Considerations in Contracting 1216 5 days $1149 Learn More
CON 243: Architect-Engineer Services Contracting 1032 5 days $1149 Learn More
CON 244: Construction Contracting 1021 5 days $1149 Learn More
CON 270: Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis 1270 10 days $2489 Learn More
CON 280: Source Selection and the Administration of Service Contracts 1280 10 days $2489 Learn More
CON 290: Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment 1290 9.5 days $2489 Learn More
CON 360: Contracting for Decision Makers 1360 9.5 days $2489 Learn More
FCN 190: FAR Fundamentals 1191 10 days $2489 Learn More

Technical or functional personnel who need to satisfy either FAC-COR or DoD's COR certification training requirements to be delegated or maintain eligibility to perform COTR/COR duties, or who need to maintain certification by earning CLPs, will find our offerings of value.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  

Our Federal real property leasing training courses satisfy nearly all GSA leasing warrant training requirements, which also apply to agencies performing leasing under a GSA delegation. We also offer a Lease Administration course targeted for building managers and realty specialists involved in day-to-day lease administration.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Cost and Price Analysis of Lease Proposals 1031 5 days $1149 Learn More
Federal Real Property Lease Law 1050 5 days $1149 Learn More
Federal Real Property Leasing Refresher 1049 5 days $1149 Learn More
Lease Acquisition Training 1597 4.5 days $1129 Learn More
Lease Administration 1028 5 days $1149 Learn More
Techniques of Negotiating Federal Real Property Leases 1081 5 days $1149 Learn More

Contracting and technical personnel will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, award, and administer performance-based service contracts using a Performance Work Statement or a Statement of Objectives.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Advanced COR Workshop 1072 5 days $1149 Learn More
Performance-Based Service Acquisition 1076 5 days $1149 Learn More
Writing Performance Work Statements 1079 3 days $839 Learn More

Contract specialists, CORs, and leasing specialists can select from the broad range of courses we offer to improve job performance and maintain certifications or warrants. Others interested in gaining an appreciation of the federal acquisition process will find value in the wide range of courses we offer.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Acquisition of Commercial Items 1018 2 days $789 Learn More
Administration of Cost-Reimbursement Contracts 1005 5 days $1149 Learn More
Advanced Federal Contract Law 1011 5 days $1069 Learn More
Advanced Simplified Acquisition Procedures 1177 5 days $1149 Learn More
Advanced Source Selection 1012 3 days $839 Learn More
Appropriations Law for Contracting Professionals 1051 3 days $839 Learn More
Best Value Source Selection Using Tradeoffs 1074 2 days $789 Learn More
Changes Under Government Contracts 1019 3 days $839 Learn More
Construction Claims 1020 3 days $839 Learn More
Contract Administration 1022 5 days $1149 Learn More
Contract Claims 1023 5 days $1149 Learn More
Contract Closeout 1024 2 days $789 Learn More
Contracting with Small Business Concerns 1027 3 days $839 Learn More
Cost and Price Analysis 1030 5 days $1149 Learn More
Developing the Independent Government Cost Estimate 1125 3 days $839 Learn More
Emergency Contracting Basic Course 1525 2 days $789 Learn More
Ethics in Federal Contracting 1034 1 day $609 Learn More
Evaluating a Contractor's Performance 1126 3 days $839 Learn More
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Overview 1058 2 days $889 Learn More
Federal Contract Law 1047 5 days $1149 Learn More
Federal Contract Negotiation Techniques 1016 5 days Call Learn More
Fundamentals of Overhead and Other Indirect Cost Rates 1052 3 days $839 Learn More
Incentive Contracts 1127 3 days $839 Learn More
Information Technology (IT) Acquisition 1001 3 days $839 Learn More
Introduction to Federal Contracting 1048 5 days $1149 Learn More
Managing Contracting Organizations 1403 5 days $1149 Learn More
Market Research 1089 1 day $609 Learn More
Micro-Purchase Procedures 1035 2 days $789 Learn More
Performance-Based Service Acquisition 1076 5 days $1149 Learn More
Service Contract Labor Standards Statute Overview 1162 2 days $789 Learn More
Simplified Acquisition Procedures 1077 5 days $1149 Learn More
Simplified Acquisition Refresher 1153 3 days $839 Learn More
Source Selection 1078 5 days $1149 Learn More
Statement of Work (SOW) Workshop 1091 3 days $839 Learn More
Strategic Sourcing Workshop 1090 3 days $799 Learn More
Task and Delivery Order Contracting 1120 2 days $789 Learn More
Terminating Contracts 1082 3 days $839 Learn More
Types of Contracts 1084 3 days $839 Learn More
Writing Performance Work Statements 1079 3 days $839 Learn More
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