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Leadership & Management

Management Concepts transforms individuals into dynamic, stand-out leaders, managers, and employees enabling organizations to achieve greater success.

We do this through engaging, interactive open enrollment and Private Group Training courses by meeting you where you are today and taking you where you want to go tomorrow. Our knowledgeable instructors listen to your needs and training goals to make every course relevant to you.

Invest in yourself even further when you enroll in one of our professional development programs including:

Did you know that our Leadership, Professional Skills, and Supervision courses map to OPM Executive Core Qualification and Fundamental Competencies? Click here to view the Competency Map.

Our full range of development services employs innovative learning techniques, client-centered consulting, ICF-certified coaches, experienced facilitators, 360-degree assessments, and timely publications to provide you with a truly remarkable customer experience that will consistently exceed your expectations.

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Difficult situations and communication challenges in the workplace are inevitable, but the way you to choose to address and solve them can evolve. These Management Concepts courses help you find new ways to think and communicate through challenges to move you and your organization beyond the status quo and achieve goals.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Briefing and Presentation Skills 4318 3 days $1009 Learn More
Business Writing 4317 2 days $809 Learn More
Communicating Strategically 4320 2 days $809 Learn More
Customer Service Skills and Techniques 4374 2 days $689 Learn More
Grammar Refresher 4316 2 days $809 Learn More
Group Facilitation 4319 3 days $949 Learn More
Influencing Skills 4363 2 Days $809 Learn More
Interpersonal Skills: Developing Effective Relationships 4367 3 days $1009 Learn More
Leadership and Management 360-Degree Assessment Workshop 4350 1 day (plus 2 hours of prework and 1 hour of individual coaching) Call Learn More
Moving Beyond Generational Differences 4366 1/2 day $289 Learn More
Negotiation Skills 4365 2 days $809 Learn More
Resolving Conflict 4364 2 days $809 Learn More

To be successful as a leader, you must effectively motivate yourself and others to achieve optimal results. The capabilities developed in this suite of Management Concepts offerings foster the knowledge and skills necessary for leaders at all levels of the organization to successfully lead and engage others.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Advanced Leadership Skills and Techniques 4002 3 days $1059 Learn More
Breakthrough Problem Solving 4063 3 days $1009 Learn More
Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing 4076 3 days $979 Learn More
Creativity and Innovation 4064 2 days $809 Learn More
Critical Thinking for Problem Solving 4060 3 days $1009 Learn More
Emotional Intelligence 360-Degree Assessment Workshop 4046 1 day (plus 2 hours of prework and 1 hour of individual coaching) Call Learn More
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 4004 2 days Call Learn More
Engaging Leadership 4003 2 days $809 Learn More
Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 4098 2 days Call Learn More
Fostering Accountability, Adaptability, and Resilience 4080 2 days $809 Learn More
From Strategic Plans to Tactical Execution 4752 2 days $789 Learn More
From Tactical to Strategic Thinking 4062 3 days $1009 Learn More
Leadership and Management Skills for Non-Managers 4000 3 days $949 Learn More
Leadership Skills and Techniques 4001 3 days $1009 Learn More
Navigating Change in Turbulent Times 4712 3 days $1009 Learn More
Strategic Planning in Federal Agencies 4750 3 days $1009 Learn More

When looking at your peers, it’s not surprising that the common traits of the most successful supervisors include delegating appropriately and supporting their team member’s development. Management Concepts offers courses that provide you with a foundation of core supervisory knowledge and skills to be successful in planning and assigning work, coaching and mentoring, and motivating others whether they are onsite or remote.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Anytime Coaching 4700 3 days $1009 Learn More
Building and Sustaining Teams 4704 3 days $1009 Learn More
HR Essentials for Government Supervisors 4708 2 days $809 Learn More
Peer Coaching Program 4025 1.5 days ILT; 6 hours VILT Call Learn More
Supervising Employee Performance 4713 3 days $949 Learn More
The Professional Government Supervisor Program 4710 Varied (modular) Call Learn More

Additional Information

In addition to open enrollment courses, Management Concepts also offers a fully-customizable supervisor training program onsite at your organization. Learn more about our Professional Government Supervisor Program designed to inspire your supervisors and motivate your workforce.

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