Coaching Offerings

Our Coaching Offerings

Coaching Offerings Management Concepts believes coaching in your organization can be for anyone who is ready to create personal and professional change, at any level of their organization. Coaching is optimized when integrated with organization-wide culture. It focuses on recognizing choices and moving forward with intention, confidence, and presence.

Management Concepts Coaching can support the following goals:

  • Strengthen Leadership Competencies
  • Navigate Role Transitions
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Cultivate Executive Presence
  • Culture Alignment
  • Change Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Performance Improvement
  • Human Capital and Talent Management

One-on-one Coaching  One-on-One Coaching

Resilient leaders engage Management Concepts for one-on-one coaching opportunities because they know the value that external thought partnership provides. Coaching is a safe and confidential opportunity to work through a variety of leadership growth opportunities, including:

  • Growing leadership competence and capacity
  • Mastering competing priorities
  • Making successful career transitions
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Building capabilities to cope with unsustainable pace and demands
  • Creating positive cultural norms
  • Leading in Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous (VUCA) environments

Any situation that requires new behaviors or fresh perspectives can be an opportunity for coaching. Participation in any coaching relationship requires a willingness to create a personal change that is meaningful at the individual, group, and organizational levels. It requires the individual client to look within themselves and intentionally create more effective and meaningful ways of engaging with others and themselves. Openness, honesty, curiosity, patience, and generosity for oneself and others are key to successful one-on-one coaching.

Does your organization know that allowing employees to take advantage of utilizing a professional coach taps into your intrinsic motivation to perform at the next level? Are you looking for a dedicated coach to work with you on issues other development or training can’t address? Our one-on-one coaching may be the missing piece for your development needs.

Peer Coaching  Peer Coaching

Our peer coaching program begins with a training course that outlines a six-step coaching process model designed to help them develop themselves and others to drive superior performance. It is intended for supervisors, managers, and other leaders who wish to learn fundamental coaching skills. See Peer Coaching Program for more information.

Group and Team Coaching  Group and Team Coaching

Management Concepts group and team coaching provides a solutions-oriented growth experience for individuals in the context of others. We recognize that success, like failure, doesn’t always happen alone, and that a safe, separate environment can enable groups and teams to more openly and confidently overcome challenges.

Participants are guided by an experienced and certified professional coach to crowdsource ideas, possibilities, and solutions from the combined wisdom and experience of those in the room. Combining a facilitated interaction with a coaching approach, participants engage coaching skills with one another while addressing vital concerns about current demands and aspirational goals.

We know there are unique dynamics inherent in each team or group of leaders. Our customized approach is facilitated by a trusted coach who understands your unique goals and uses our six-step coaching process that can be applied to individual conversations or long-term engagements. We’ll build upon your specific context to deliver a transformative experience for participants at individual, group, and organizational levels.

Six Steps Coaching Process Model

Do you want to bring a team together to build their strengths as a unit, redesign their working alliance, or address their ideal- versus current-state dynamics? Do you want to provide an opportunity for leaders in your organization to tackle challenges in a safe environment, outside of the context of their team? Group and team coaching may be ideal for your needs.

Mentor Coaching  Mentor Coaching

Management Concepts knows that “coaches need coaches” to model masterful coaching and stretch them to grow their own capacity to coach others. Our mentor coaching provides structured one-on-one engagements for enhancing your client-coaching competencies and expanding your ability to achieve successful outcomes for clients and their organizations.

When engaging with a Management Concepts Mentor Coach, you will:

  • Select the Management Concepts ICF-credentialed PCC- or MCC-level coach that is right for you
  • Demonstrate your current coaching skills to your Mentor Coach through live or recorded coaching sessions
  • Receive specific feedback about core coaching competencies to bridge the gap between your demonstrated skill and the skill required at your next level of credentialing

As a result of working with a Management Concepts Mentor Coach, you will:

  • Improve your ability to provide more powerful and effective coaching to your clients
  • Gain confidence in your efficacy as a coach within or outside of your organization
  • Accrue Mentor Coaching hours that may be applied to earning or renewing your ICF coaching credential

We know that excellent coaching requires ongoing professional growth. In true coach fashion, we can meet and serve you wherever you are on your skills-building journey.

Are you already a trained coach or acting in a coaching role? Are you looking to take your skills to the next level, or to apply for or renew your International Coach Federation (ICF) credential? Mentor coaching may be what you need.

Coaching Skills Training  Coaching Skills Training

Our Anytime Coaching model and training course provides supervisors with a set of practices to guide employees through workplace situations—not only when performance breakdowns occur but also through daily interactions that improve overall performance. See Anytime Coaching for more information.

Post Training Coaching  Post-Training Reinforcement Coaching

Management Concepts knows that the value of training, and subsequent knowledge retention and sustained behavior change, is optimized when followed by one-on-one coaching. A coach helps to capture and integrate learning by supporting the practice of behaviors and skills that help you take the next steps upon returning from class. After training, when the instructor is gone, a coach is there to help leverage classroom experience through intentional and authentic reflection, practice, and application that solidifies learning.

Working with a Management Concepts coach is right for anyone who:

  • Wants to keep up the momentum from training upon return to the office
  • Seeks to immediately apply knowledge and skills from training
  • Is ready to take action and make needed changes in oneself
  • Wants the consistent accountability of a non-supervisory partner
  • Seeks an external perspective on specific challenges

Whether you’re a new employee, an individual contributor, a supervisor, or work at the executive level, we can help maximize the value you receive from training by providing the constructive, step-by-step support of an external professional coach to take you and those you influence to the next level.

Have you trained with us in one of our seven robust curriculum areas? Taken training elsewhere? Participated in your agency-run training courses? No matter where you received training, our post-training reinforcement

Coaching Within Your Leadership Development Program  Coaching Within Your Leadership Development Program

Management Concepts has a strong history of integrating individual and group coaching with custom leadership development programs. Whether you already have a leadership development program in place, or are looking to partner with us to develop your customized program, we’ll help you leverage coaching to optimize your investment.

We align coaching with multiple components of a leadership development program, including:

  • Leadership training
  • Development plans
  • Assessment instruments
  • Ongoing learning through our virtual student portal
  • Leadership learning forums

Our coaches are ready to tailor their conversations to meet your specific leadership challenges on current learning topics for real world application.

Our consistent communication and periodic check-ins with your organization help keep you alert to aggregate learning themes and leadership challenges as they arise, while maintaining your client confidentiality. In turn, we are able to partner with you to make important programmatic adjustments to meet participant needs from one delivery to the next, and even within a leadership development program experience.

Are you already enrolled in a leadership development program, or a group development program but seek more direct guidance? Our ability to provide one-on-one coaching within your existing leadership development program may be able to work in tandem to solve all your professional needs.