FAC-COR & DoD-COR Training

Management Concepts courses help Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities and become effective participants in the acquisition process. Whether you are experienced or new to the job, our COR training courses will meet your needs.

Contracting officers appoint CORs to assist in administering specific aspects of a contract. As such, they hold a position of trust and responsibility. The COR normally has the initial and most continuous contact with the contractor and is the liaison between the contractor and contracting officer. Contracting officers rely on the expertise and experience of the COR to ensure that the technical and financial aspects of the contract are accomplished.

To be appointed, the COR must meet the certification training requirements of FAC-COR or DoD's COR Certification program. Our FAC-COR Level I course, Basic (Level I) Contracting Officer’s Representative course has been verified by FAI as satisfying the Level I training requirements. Our FAC-COR Level II course, Contracting Officer's Representative Course is equivalent to DAU's COR 222 course and satisfies the DoD-COR certification training requirements of both Types B and C CORs. We also provide a variety of courses to assist technical and program personnel in fulfilling their 40-hour continuous learning requirements, as required by both FAC-COR and the DoD’s COR Certification Programs. We would be happy to tailor a program for your organization that would satisfy your Level III FAC-C COR requirements.
View the courses we offer in support of FAC-COR and DoD-COR Certification organized by level.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Advanced COR Workshop 1072 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Appropriations Law for Contracting Professionals 1051 3 Days $889 Learn More
Basic (Level I) Contracting Officer's Representative 1073 1 Day $619 Learn More
Changes Under Government Contracts 1019 3 Days $889 Learn More
CON 244: Construction Contracting 1021 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Contract Administration 1022 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Contracting Officer's Representative Course 1070 5 Days $1209 Learn More
COR Refresher 1071 1 Day $639 Learn More
Cost and Price Analysis 1030 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Cybersecurity for Contracting Professionals 1040 2 Days $829 Learn More
Developing the Independent Government Cost Estimate 1125 3 Days $889 Learn More
Evaluating a Contractor's Performance 1126 3 Days $889 Learn More
Federal Contract Law 1047 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Intermediate Agile Techniques for Contracting Professionals 1042 2 Days $799 Learn More
Introduction to Agile Contracting for IT 1041 1 Day $639 Learn More
Performance-Based Service Acquisition 1076 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Task and Delivery Order Contracting 1120 2 Days $829 Learn More
Writing Performance Work Statements 1079 3 Days $889 Learn More
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