Federal Real Property Leasing

GSA identifies the training requirements necessary to obtain leasing warrants both for GSA and agencies operating under a GSA delegation of leasing authority. Management Concepts provides training to meet all but the appraisal course which is required only at the highest warrant levels. Leasing training should begin with Lease Acquisition Training as this course forms the basis upon which the other courses build. We also offer a Lease Administration course that is ideal for those who must administer the lease contract during it extended lifetime while also serving as a continuous learning course. Leasing specialists, CORs, and building managers will benefit from taking this course. Further, leasing specialists can select from a variety of courses to meet their continuous learning requirements.

Our Federal Real Property Leasing Refresher course is an excellent way to keep current with the latest GSA updates to the leasing process. We recommend taking our courses in a particular order that can be viewed here.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Cost and Price Analysis of Lease Proposals 1031 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Federal Real Property Lease Law 1050 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Federal Real Property Leasing Refresher 1049 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Lease Acquisition Training 1597 4.5 Days $1189 Learn More
Lease Administration 1028 5 Days $1209 Learn More
Techniques of Negotiating Federal Real Property Leases 1081 5 Days $1209 Learn More
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