IT PM Mastery Suite

For the specifics of IT project and program management, Management Concepts offers the IT PM Mastery Suite, a modular workforce development program built with a best of breed curriculum drawn from the private and public sectors.

This program enables individuals and teams or groups to build a comprehensive skillset in managing the entire spectrum of the IT project lifecycle through flexible and customizable modules ranging from two hours to three days. Here’s what’s available in the IT PM Mastery Suite, all adaptable to your team:

  • Foundational training courses I and II – Take separately or together as a boot camp
  • All 25 individual modules – Two to four hour sessions, on all aspects of the IT project lifecycle
  • Six Module Packages – Advanced topics grouped to six main phases of the IT project management lifecycle: Initialization and Integration, Planning and Management, Requirements and Configuration Management, Monitoring and Controlling, Execution and Delivery, and Acquisition and Vendor Management
This program provides up-to-date, IT-specific, modular learning that can be cost-effectively delivered anytime and anywhere.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
IT PM I: Initiating and Planning Successful Projects 6015 3 days $1599 Learn More
IT PM II:: Executing, Controlling, and Closing Successful Projects 6016 2 days $1349 Learn More
IT Project Acquisition and Vendor Management 6321 2 days $1349 Learn More
IT Project Execution and Delivery 6319 2 days $1349 Learn More
IT Project Initialization and Integration 6316 3 days $1599 Learn More
IT Project Monitoring and Controlling 6320 2 days $1349 Learn More
IT Project Planning, Management, and Risk 6318 3 days $1599 Learn More
IT Project Requirements and Configuration Management 6317 2 days $1349 Learn More
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