For an organization to achieve its mission, leaders—found at all levels of an organization—must garner the support and following of others. To be successful as a leader, you must be able to effectively motivate yourself and others to achieve optimal results. The capabilities developed in this suite of offerings foster the knowledge and skills necessary for leaders at all levels of the organization to successfully lead and engage others. With Management Concepts courses, you’ll learn the art of leadership in a hands-on, experience-based learning environment with some of the industry’s foremost leadership experts.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Advanced Leadership Skills and Techniques 4002 3 days $1089 Learn More
Breakthrough Problem Solving 4063 3 days $1039 Learn More
Creativity and Innovation 4064 2 days $829 Learn More
Critical Thinking for Problem Solving 4060 3 days $1039 Learn More
Decision Making 4645 1 day $409 Learn More
Effective Teams 4717 2 Days $809 Learn More
Emotional Intelligence 360-Degree Assessment Workshop 4046 1/2 Day $1029 Learn More
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 4004 2 days Call Learn More
Engaging Leadership 4003 2 days $829 Learn More
Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 4098 2 days $829 Learn More
Fostering Accountability, Adaptability, and Resilience 4080 2 days $829 Learn More
From Tactical to Strategic Thinking 4062 2 days $829 Learn More
Generating Executive Leadership 4085 5 days Call Learn More
Leadership and Management Skills for Non-Managers 4000 3 days $979 Learn More
Leadership Skills and Techniques 4001 3 days $1039 Learn More
Navigating Change in Turbulent Times 4712 3 days $1039 Learn More
Strategic Planning in Federal Agencies 4750 3 days $1039 Learn More
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