Professional Skills

Difficult situations and challenges in the workplace are inevitable, but the way you to choose to solve them can evolve. Being able to think independently in strategic, systemic, conceptual, creative, and critical ways allows you to offer innovative solutions and make more effective decisions. In addition, when communication is clear and consistent, it helps to build trust and credibility and leads to more effective results. These Management Concepts courses help you find new ways to communicate and think through challenges to move you and your organization beyond the status quo and achieve goals.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
360-Degree Assessment Workshop 4350 .5 Days $1116 Learn More
Briefing and Presentation Skills 4318 3 Days $1079 Learn More
Business Writing 4317 2 Days $859 Learn More
Communicating Strategically 4320 2 Days $859 Learn More
Customer Service Skills and Techniques 4374 2 Days $739 Learn More
DISC® Workshop 4372 .5 Days $379 Learn More
Grammar Refresher 4316 2 Days $859 Learn More
Group Facilitation 4319 3 Days $1039 Learn More
Influencing Skills 4363 2 Days $859 Learn More
Interpersonal Skills: Developing Effective Relationships 4367 3 Days $1079 Learn More
MBTI® Workshop 4373 .5 Days $409 Learn More
Moving Beyond Generational Differences 4366 .5 Days $309 Learn More
Negotiation Skills 4365 2 Days $859 Learn More
Resolving Conflict 4364 2 Days $859 Learn More
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