Every organization has layers of management that it relies upon to implement and execute strategic plans, make effective decisions, guide and develop others, and enable and support performance. When looking at your peers, it’s not surprising that the common traits of the most successful supervisors include delegating appropriately and supporting the development of their team members. Management Concepts offers courses that provide you with a foundation of core supervisory knowledge and skills to be successful in planning and assigning work, coaching and mentoring, and motivating others. Whether your team is onsite or remote, we have courses to help you be a successful supervisor.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Anytime Coaching 4700 3 Days $1079 Learn More
Building and Sustaining Teams 4704 3 Days $1079 Learn More
HR Essentials for Government Supervisors 4708 2 Days $859 Learn More
Supervising Employee Performance 4713 3 Days $1009 Learn More
The Professional Government Supervisor Program 4710 .5 Days Per Module $1549 Learn More

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In addition to open enrollment courses, Management Concepts also offers a fully-customizable supervisor training program onsite at your organization. Learn more about our Professional Government Supervisor Program designed to inspire your supervisors and motivate your workforce.
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Whether you are thinking about becoming a supervisor for the first time or are taking on a supervisory role in a new group or a new organization, you will benefit from assessing your readiness to be a supervisor. Complete this free assessment and get complimentary interpretation and planning tools. The assessment will take no longer than 3-5 minutes.
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