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With nearly five decades of experience in educating the federal workforce, we are the smart choice for developing the unique content your group or agency needs to achieve its learning objectives. We utilize proven adult-learning methodologies to build our rubrics, then deliver the content through engaging methods that help students retain more information. Our learning solutions are 508-compliant, SCORM-conforming, and can be built either from the ground up to your specifications, or by using our modular COTS content.

Our solutions can range from activities embedded in individual courses, to full websites branded for your organization.


Click to Download InfographicMost students learn best when they consume information through multiple modalities. Team exercises and experiential learning are time-tested ways of bringing content to life, but so are visual presentations such as videos and animation. Breaking larger concepts into smaller, focused ‘nuggets of knowledge’ provides students with the power of microlearning. Our instructional design process incorporates best practices in applied adult learning theory – and that can often include microlearning delivered in the classroom or online.

Video and animation are both powerful microlearning tools to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of content.

See examples of how we incorporate Microlearning


By leveraging natural desires for competition, achievement and socialization, gamified content helps students practice newly acquired skills and aids in retention. Our experts can build custom content modules or programs that utilize interactive gamification techniques for training needs as varied as onboarding, professional skills enhancement, compliance, soft skills enhancement, or behavioral change programs.

See how the Marine Corps Recruiting Command used competitive games in an instructor-led course to refine skills and encourage behavioral changes beyond the classroom.