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Management Concepts Agile Certificate Program provides you with the knowledge and tools to learn the application of Agile project management methodologies to projects in order to increase efficiencies and adapt properly to ever changing user requirements. Our training program will also prepare you for various industry Agile certification exams.

The Agile Associate Track will help you to understand the foundational principals of agile project management while the Agile master Track boosts to your commitment to, and investment in, Agile project excellence.

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We are here to help you build the program that best meets your needs. Email your Certificate Program Administrator or call 888.545.8571 for more information.

Q. How can I determine whether I am an appropriate candidate for the Agile Certificate Program?
Our certificate programs are appropriate for anyone looking to advance their career in the field of Agile. Call us at 888.545.8571 and we'll help you select the program that's right for you.

Q. Where can I find a full description of courses and pricing?
Click here to search for the latest information about courses that interest you.

Q. Do courses have to be taken in sequence in order to receive certificate program credit for them?
No, but most students find that completing the required core curriculum first helps them to better understand the elective course material.

Q. Can I receive credit for a course that I attended prior to enrolling in the Agile Certificate Program?
Yes, you may count courses up to 1 one year prior to enrolling in the program, as long as you meet the requirements for full attendance. You must complete the Agile Certificate Program within three years from the first day of the first class you take.

Q. In order to satisfy the curriculum for the Agile Certificate Program, may I transfer credit from courses I have taken elsewhere?
Management Concepts considers credit transfer requests on a case-by-case basis. Such requests must be sent to your Program Coordinator via email or at 888.545.8571 who will submit them to the Management Concepts Certificate Program Board. Please provide the certificate of completion, course objective outline, and number of CPE credits along with your request.

Q. Does my curriculum change if I enrolled in the Agile Certificate Program in a previous year?
Management Concepts will apply the solution that works best for you. Any questions?
Contact your Program Coordinator at 888.545.8571.

Q. I am already a certified PMP®. How can I benefit from these programs?
All of the courses in our Agile Certificate Program provide the Professional Development Units (PDUs) you'll need to maintain your certification. PMI® requires an annual minimum of 60 PDUs. The Agile Certificate Program candidates who hold PMP® credentials consistently tell us that they're learning new information and skills.

Q. Can Agile Certificate Programs be delivered at my organization?
Yes. Our programs can also be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. Contact your Program Coordinator at 888.545.8571 for more information.


  1. Choose the Certificate Program and/or Track (as applicable)

  2. Enroll in the program
    Submit your Letter of Intent online, by fax: 703.790.1371, or by mail
    Attn: Certificate Programs Office
    Management Concepts
    8230 Leesburg Pike
    Tysons Corner, VA 22182

  3. Submitting this form enrolls you in the program but does not obligate you to take any courses.

  4. Select and Register in the related courses
    Register online or call our Customer Service Department at 888.545.8571.

  5. Complete the program requirements
    See Additional Information section on individual program pages for full details.

  6. Graduate and receive your Certificate!
    To learn more about this Certificate Program, call 888.545.8571.

Management Concepts Certificate Programs are designed to help you develop the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed for highly competent performance and long-term success in your field. Our courses also may be used to meet requirements of other certifying bodies.

We offer more than 14 certificate programs and specialty tracks to suit your training and professional development needs. Choose the certificate program that best meets your professional needs:

  1. Career Enhancement
    Earning a Management Concepts certificate in your area of expertise demonstrates your ongoing commitment to, and investment in, your professional development and the success of your organization— a dedication and motivation greatly valued by high-performing organizations.

  2. Well-Rounded Curriculum
    Your job performance is reviewed for specific achievements, but also for overall skillsets and experience. Our certificate programs offer a blend of courses to develop those competencies, and provide experience through hands-on practice with real-world challenges.

  3. Personalized Programs
    Your job demands a unique set of skills. Our certificate programs offer a wide variety of elective courses, making it easy to match your curriculum to your specific requirements, interests, and goals. We provide guidance to help you develop a curriculum structured around your needs.

  4. Immediate Application
    Advanced instructional design techniques incorporate discussions, assessments, case studies, group exercises, and practical learning activities - enabling you to apply what you learn in class directly to your work environment.

  5. Current Topics and Comprehensive Materials
    Course topics and materials are continuously updated to reflect changes in the workplace and the latest industry best practices. Our course manuals serve as both in-class guides and post-course references.

  6. Dynamic Instructors
    The selection process for our facilitators is rigorous. They’re chosen for their subject matter expertise, as well as their engaging presentation skills and relevant real-world experience. As part of the Management Concepts team, they are dedicated to answering your questions and helping you achieve your career goals.

  7. Professional Recognition
    Upon completion, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement that signifies your knowledge and proficiency with requirements, procedures, and best practices in your subject area. This new level of accomplishment places you in an excellent position to advance your career.

  8. Peer Network
    As you complete your certificate program courses, you’ll meet and learn from other professionals in your field — people with similar career challenges and goals.

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