Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®)
The CGFM® Training Series provides you with a broad base of knowledge in auditing, accounting, financial management, and budgeting. These courses provide the advanced knowledge and instill the confidence you need to sit for each of the three examinations required as part of the Association of Government Accountants' CGFM® program.

The CGFM® Training Series consists of three courses:

Each course includes AGA's CGFM® study guide.

CGFM® is a professional certification recognizing the unique skills and special knowledge required of today's government financial managers at the federal, state and local levels.

Why earn the CGFM® designation?

  • Enhanced marketability throughout all levels of government
  • Portable and tangible indicator of experience and knowledge
  • Better understanding of the "big picture" of government
  • Greater confidence on the job

To earn this designation, candidates must apply for AGA's CGFM® Program and meet initial certification requirements (ethics, education, examinations and experience). CGFM® study guides and courses are separate from CGFM® Examinations and are based on the publicly available examination content outlines. To learn more about the CGFM® designation and examinations, please visit

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