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DITAP Guide DITAP - Digital IT Acquisition Professional Program

All federal acquisition professionals who manage digital service contracts of $7 million or more are now required to earn a Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Core-Plus Specialization in Digital Services (FAC-C-DS).

As a licensed provider, our 6-month DITAP program will get students the required certification along with 80 CLPs, while providing members of the cohort with the expertise they’ll need to design flexible and innovative procurements for digital services.

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Career Gateway: Acquisition Launch Event

Get new acquisition professionals fully ready for their careers through cohort-based training that accelerates their journey to proficiency. Students will not only learn technical skills and business acumen, they’ll apply those skills in a threaded storyline where they support the establishment of a settlement on Mars - an experiential innovation that mirror the tasks and challenges students will face in their jobs right here on Earth.
Real world application.
Out of this world experience.

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Emerging Technologies - Robotic Process Automation

Our one-day RPA course is designed for both federal leaders and individuals who will be affected by upcoming RPA initiatives. Learn how to identify suitable processes for automation, best practices around deployment, and how to manage the human side of working with bots.

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Go Further. FAC-COR & DoD-COR Certification Training

Gain your FAC-COR Level I, II, or III certification — or your DoD-COR Type B or C certification — then broaden your horizons with contracting specialty courses on flexible acquisition techniques that align with the new, less rigid procurement policies.

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FAC-C Level I Curriculum Update

The newly required CON 091 Contract Fundamentals course is available for registration. The brand-new course replaces CON 090 and FCN 190 for Level I Certification and focuses on contract formation, management principles and regulatory application.

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IT Modernization for Contracting Professionals

Acquisition Centers of Excellence are utilizing Other Transactional Authorities (OTA) to speed IT projects and decisions. Learn how these unique vehicles might be just the solution you need when purchasing innovative technical services.

Cybersecurity for Contracting Professionals
Conducting Acquisitions for Cloud Services
Introduction to Agile Contracting for IT
Intermediate Agile Techniques for Contracting Professionals

Performance-Based Service Acquisition

Service acquisition comes with a unique set of requirements for both evaluation and surveillance. Our courses help contracting and technical personnel gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, award, and administer performance-based service contracts.

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Continuous Learning & Specialty Courses

Contract Specialists, CORs, leasing specialists, and others interested in the Federal acquisition process can select from the range of specialty courses we offer to improve job performance and maintain certifications.

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Beyond the Journeyman.
FAC-C and DAWIA Certification Training

From the fundamentals of the FAR to specialty courses on construction contracting, our DAU-equivalent courses support Contracting Officers and Contract Specialists seeking to meet mandatory training requirements of FAC-C and DAWIA. Choose from three levels of core courses or over 40 electives to support your professional growth.

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Training Course Guide for Contracting Professionals

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Certificate Programs

Management Concepts Certificate Programs

Advanced learning for government professionals.

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