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Introducing the School of Federal Leadership Excellence

Elevate learners to leadership roles with our latest workforce development solution -- the School of Federal Leadership Excellence, or SoFLE. The experience is designed to equip federal agency leaders with the skills and experience they need to navigate real-world challenges effectively.

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Leaders At Every Level

Since federal employees can develop leadership skills at any stage of their careers, our offerings target skill-sets that resonate across job titles or GS levels.
Recommended courses, curated certificate programs, and robust Federal Leadership Programs provide a guided approach to leadership development, balancing general leadership development and specific focus areas.
The three components of this philosophy include:

  • Leading Work: How we work, with a skills focus. View Courses
  • Leading People: How we interact, from managing others to building high-performing teams. View Courses
  • Leading Strategy: How we plan to align our strategy with organization’s vision and mission. View Courses

Every individual needs all three components to be a well-rounded, strong leader, but the priority or focus may vary based on personal experiences and where you are in your career.

Explore how our ‘Leading’ philosophy works in more detail by interacting with the graphic below.

The Professional Government Supervisor Program

Address skill gaps unique to your agency with the only customizable supervisory skills solution designed specifically for aspiring leaders and new supervisors working across the federal landscape.

Select from 30 distinct training modules to curate a program that’s just right for your teams and organization. Not only will you develop staff in the areas of your choice, our innovative program maps to both the OPM Supervisory Training Framework and OPM ECQs.

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Courses Built with the Center for Creative Leadership®

Benefit from the pairing of the proven expertise of the Center for Creative Leadership with our Federal focus and experience to elevate current and aspiring leaders to new heights.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Hub

Your Source For Federally Focused DEIA Thought Leadership

Enhance your agency or organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives with our specialized tools and resources.

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Certificate programs Define Your Career Path with Our Federally-Focused Leadership Certificate

Lead. Coach. Excel. Our 6-course Leadership Certificate program is designed specifically for managers in the Federal space. Complete your core requirements, then tailor your certificate by choosing the elective topics that meet your interests. Our experienced and highly-rated instructors will help you gain the knowledge and experience you need to prepare for new leadership roles.

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