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New Courses Tailored to the Emerging Needs of Federal Employees

Management Concepts helps federal employees like you master new requirements, regulations, and skills as changes in government occur. Take a look at this selection of the new offerings we have in store.


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New Courses

Management Concepts has developed the following courses to enable you to master new requirements, regulations, and skills to meet the evolving needs of our federal government:

Cybersecurity—Supply Chain Risk Management for Acquisition Personnel (1053)

2 DAYS – Participants will understand how to ensure all members of the global supply chain ― companies that provide products, services, and solutions to the federal government  ― protect their systems and controlled unclassified information from cybersecurity attacks.

Procurement Innovation—FAR Flexibilities (1059)

2 DAYS – Participants will learn how to utilize the built-in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) flexibilities described in FAR 1.02-4 when developing innovative solutions to acquisition requirements that meet business requirements and support agency missions.

ACQ 315: Understanding Industry (Business Acumen) (1315)

4.5 DAYS – Participants will gain a better understanding of the strategy, finances, operational considerations, and motivators that drive contractor business decisions and master a wide range of business acumen competencies.

Grants Administration for Federal Program Personnel (2049)

3 DAYS – Participants from federal programs involved in the grants management process will learn the roles and responsibilities related to the federal grant award lifecycle, key requirements and processes, resolving performance issues, grant monitoring and oversight, and legal and regulatory frameworks.

Emerging Technologies – Robotic Process Automation, RPA (3800)

1 DAY – Participants will gain an understanding of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). They will become familiar with the career-focused and mission-driven benefits of RPA, learn how to identify tasks for automation, and how to implement them within the federal government.

Emerging Technologies: Cutting-Edge Applications (3801)

1 DAY – Participants will learn how robotic process automation, intelligent document processing, blockchain, and extended reality can transform manual computer tasks, transaction processing, training, entertainment, and structure data for better accessibility.

Women in Leadership (4009)

2 DAYS – Opportunity for women to explore the unique challenges they face in the professional work environment. Participants will engage with other women and further define their leadership style and mindset to move their careers forward, advocating for themselves and other women.

Fostering a Public Service Mindset (4380)

1 DAY – Working in the public sector can be both rewarding and challenging. Participants will learn how to cultivate a public service mindset, align personal motivators and values to agency mission, improve job satisfaction, foster shared commitment, and contribute to the public good.

Frontline Federal Leader Impact (4400)*

MULTIPLE DAYS – Highly interactive virtual experience for first-level federal managers and supervisors. Participants will develop a basic understanding of competencies necessary for success: Self-Awareness, Learning Agility, Communication, Political Savvy, Influencing Outcomes, and Motivating Others.

The Effective Federal Leader (4401)*

MULTIPLE DAYS – This course addresses the unique leadership skills critical for success in today’s constantly changing world. Participants will learn how to lead virtual teams, increase resiliency, and understand their strengths, development opportunities, and skills for solving complex challenges.

Leading Strategically in the Federal Government (4402)*

MULTIPLE DAYS – Participants will practice thinking and acting strategically, influencing strategies, and managing conflict and pressure in high-intensity organizational simulations. Intended for senior federal leaders who lead a function and seek to improve strategic leadership skills.

Introduction to Statistics (4680)

4 DAYS – Participants will apply core statistical concepts to describe data, make inferences, and draw conclusions. They will learn to graphically display data, apply statistical tests to determine validity, reliability, and significance, identify relationships between variables, and conduct statistical analyses.

Federal Travel Regulation Workshop: TDY (5080)

2 DAYS – Participants will learn the current temporary duty (TDY) travel regulations for civilian employees. Interactive exercises and realistic scenarios will be used to demonstrate various types of expenses and the requirements for each, per diem, and forensic reviews of travel receipts.

Joint Travel Regulations Workshop: TDY (5081)

2 DAYS – Participants will learn the current temporary duty (TDY) travel regulations for uniformed members, civilian employees, or those traveling under the Department of Defense (DoD) orders, including government travel cards, per diem, lodging, international travel, and high-cost area expenses.

* These unique programs combine the proven techniques and world-class content of the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL®) with Management Concepts’ expertise in successfully developing federal leaders in support of their mission. Please see individual course descriptions for time requirements.

Updated Courses


The following Management Content courses have recently undergone a major update to help you stay abreast of the recent changes to rules, regulations, and skill requirements:

Federal Contract Negotiation Techniques (1016)

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Overview (1058)

Closeout of Grants for Federal Personnel (2048)

From Tactical to Strategic Thinking (4062)

Briefing and Presentation Skills (4318)

Decision Making (4645)

Analytics Boot Camp (4650)

Building and Sustaining Teams (4704)

HR Essentials for Government Supervisors (4708)

Improper Payments (5036)

Federal Financial Management Overview (5051)

The Federal Budget Process (5090)

Accounting for Revolving Funds and Reimbursables (5102)

Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection (5106)

Appropriations Law Seminar (5111)

Internal Control: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability (5112)

Federal Accounting Fundamentals (5113)

U.S. Standard General Ledger:  Practical Applications (5115)

Budget Formulation (5118)

The Antideficiency Act (5127)

Financial Management of Revolving Funds and Reimbursables (5134)

Appropriations Law for Revolving Funds and Reimbursables (5147)

Appropriations Law Refresher and Update (5157)

Appropriations Law Seminar (5211)

Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Microsoft Excel (5405)

Fiscal Law in DoD (5511)

Army PPBES Workshop (5730)

Intermediate Internal Control (5808)

Manage Risk through Effective Enterprise Risk Management (5810)

High-Value Requirements Management (6134)