Meet Your FAC-C and DAWIA Training Requirements

Management Concepts has received DAU equivalency for all of the FAC-C Level I, II, and III CON courses (organized below in the order they should be taken by level). We also have received FAI verification of FCN 190: FAR Fundamentals. Students must complete prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in these courses. They also must complete all certification training in a particular level before moving on to the next higher level. For successful completion of all DAU-equivalent or FAI verified courses, students must fully attend the course and achieve at least a least 80% on the graded portions of the course.

  D  = DAWIA     F  = FAC-C

Level I Level II

Level III

Core Requirement

Electives (one of the following courses satisfies the elective requirement)

Once certified under either program, individuals must earn at least 80 continuous learning points (CLPs) every two years. Please note that continuous learning courses do not have to be DAU-equivalent. Management Concepts offers a wide selection of courses that can be used to meet continuous learning requirements.


  1. Please note that students are highly encouraged to complete the prerequisite training prior to enrolling for one of the above courses.
  2. Students should check with their Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) or Defense Acquisition Career Manager (DACM) prior to enrollment to ensure they are taking the appropriate courses.


2017 Summer Catalog