Better equip your team to meet IT project goals and timelines with our IT PM Mastery Suite.

Management Concepts can customize the IT PM Mastery Suite configuration of courses and modules to best address the training needs of your group. This includes access to live classroom or virtual live classroom modalities.

Group Offerings

Here's how the program works:

  • Use the IT PM Diagnostic Pathfinder to identify gaps in individual IT project management skillsets. The results from the diagnostic will identify skill proficiencies, core training needs, and long-term skill target areas.

  • We’ll work with you to build a package of training recommendations for your group – highlighting which individuals need specific training as well as training that will benefit the entire team or organization.

  • Here’s what’s available in the IT PM Mastery Suite, all adaptable to you and your team:
    •  Foundational training courses I and II Take separately or together as a boot camp
    •  All 25 individual modules Two to four hour sessions, on all aspects of the IT project lifecycle
    • Six Advanced Courses – Advanced topics contain the 25 individual modules grouped to six main phases of the IT Project management lifecycle:
IT project management lifecycle

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It's not just project management – it's IT project management.