Management Concepts Training Course Guides

Management Concepts offers training in seven subjects and created our Training Course Guides — navigation tools designed to guide you on your path to success. These guides not only provide you with courses critical to developing expertise in your field, but also include courses to help you build complementary skills needed to become a well-rounded professional. Take advantage of these guides to gain guidance and insight, no matter where you are in your career, because professional development is a life-long journey.

Review the course guides that best align with your professional development goals. If you have questions, give us a call at 888.545.8571 or email us at

Training Course Guide for Contracting Professionals

Critical Thinking for Problem Solving Business Writing Performance-Based Service Acquisition

Training Course Guide for COR Professionals

Changes under Government Contracts

Journey to Success for FM Professionals

Training Course Guide for Grants Professionals

Journey to Success for HR Professionals

Journey to Success for LM Professionals

Journey to success for Project and program management professionals