We understand the importance of thinking through, planning for, and engaging in individual development. As such, we offer several ways to help individuals create a roadmap for their own professional development and assist organizations who want to implement individual development plans for their leaders and managers.

For Individuals

Online Individual Development Plan Tools for Financial Managers and Project Managers

Our Federal Financial Manager IDP and Project Management IDP are web-based tools that provide a step-by-step approach to professional development. Specifically, these IDPs help you identify the learning resources you need to work more effectively and advance your career. Use these online tools to:

  • Identify your current or desired job role
  • Rate your skills against those recommended for your position
  • Compare your scores to standard competencies for your position
  • Create a customized individual learning plan to keep focused on achieving your professional goals

These free online tools can help you develop a custom training plan that supports your professional goals. Your IDP results include a Gap Analysis that identifies the skills and competencies you need and provides recommendations on how to build your competencies through training courses and other resources. The Gap Analysis is also an excellent tool for discussing and getting support for your professional development from your supervisor. With a measured approach and personalized training plan, you will be able to reach your individual performance goals.

Access these free IDPs now!

Federal Financial Manager IDP
Project Management IDP

Supervisor Readiness Assessment

Whether you are thinking about becoming a supervisor for the first time or are taking on a supervisory role in a new group or a new organization, one of the most important steps is to honestly assess your readiness to be a supervisor. Taking the time to assess your readiness will enable you to determine if this type of work—or specific situations—right for you. Completing this self-assessment and the interpretation and planning tools that will be provided with your report will help you answer two key questions:

  • How ready am I to supervise?
  • How can I enhance my readiness to supervise?

Click here to assess your readiness to be a supervisor.

FM Connect Tool (For DoD Financial Management Professionals)

The DoD’s Financial Management (FM) Certification Program was created in an effort to build a well-trained financial management workforce and achieve the goal of creating auditable financial statements. In so doing, DoD’s leadership will be better equipped to quickly identify and address emerging budget challenges as they arise.

Management Concepts is committed to supporting the DoD’s FM Certification Program by making it as easy as possible for DoD Financial Management professionals to determine the training needed to complete their certification.

FM Connect, our free online tool, uncovers each individual’s certification gaps and enables them to create an individualized training plan for the track and level of their choosing.

Click here to discover your FM Certification training gaps and create your training plan today!

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