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Our Founder

Thomas F. Dungan, Jr., leveraged his expertise in Federal acquisition and contracting to develop the company's first training courses in 1973. He enlisted the help of his family to produce the company’s first mailing. Dungan’s dedication and hard work started the engine that took the company places he never imagined.


Thomas F. Dungan, III joined the company in 1992, became president in 1995, and has been CEO since 2008. Since taking the reins from his father more than 20 years ago, Tom has skillfully shaped the strategy and culture of Management Concepts and continues to drive extraordinary growth.

Customer Satisfaction

In the early years, Management Concepts relied on word-of-mouth from delighted customers as a primary growth engine. The principles of doing the right thing for the customer, focusing on quality, and meeting commitments remain central to the company’s values and culture today.

Increasing Demand

In the 1980s, Management Concepts entered the emerging training industry. It was clear that practical, role-based training would be needed to prepare America’s workforce for the new economy. As a result, Management Concepts added new topic areas and increased course offerings to meet growing customer needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

The digital age has fundamentally changed the way we serve our customers. Today, we offer comprehensive solutions around professional development, workforce development, and performance improvement to help our customers perform at their fullest potential, advance in their careers, and deliver on their organizations’ missions.

Steadfast Dedication

We are dedicated to improving the potential of the government workforce. Over the years, our demonstrated ability to achieve desired results and surpass expectations has gained the attention of industry-leading clients that face similar challenges — such as alignment throughout the organization, leadership, efficient business processes, logistics, and scale.

Guiding Principles

Our creative, knowledgeable staff serves our customers to unleash the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations to meet every mission-guided challenge. We know that our collective accomplishments would not be possible without customers who speak enthusiastically about us.

Management Concepts Executive Leadership Team

Thomas F. Dungan, III

Thomas F. Dungan III

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Stephen L. Maier

Stephen L. Maier


Steven Simpson

Steven Simpson

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Risk Officer

Cheryl-Ann Cohen

Cheryl-Ann Cohen

Chief Technology Officer

James K. Nash

Marjan Hekmat

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Barbara Rudin

Dr. Barbara Rudin

Chief Growth Officer

Karen Spiegelthal

Karen Spiegelthal

Vice President, Marketing

Kevin Duffer

Andrea Lee

Vice President of Services

Shelly Cook

Shelly Cook

Vice President, Operations

Tanya R. Russo

Tanya R. Russo

Executive Director of Human Resources

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Association Partner

Management Concepts has developed a number of strategic partnerships and alliances that extend the services that we provide to our customers. Each of the following organizations has a strong reputation in their respective industries. Combining the expertise of these organizations with our own array of services provides a complete portfolio of performance solutions that address the challenges and needs of our customers.