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Classroom Space Available for Rent in Our Washington, DC Center

Management Concepts Metro accessible training center is located at 919 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20006. Click here for additional information about traveling to the location.

Our state-of-the-art facilities feature fully equipped classrooms with and without computers, designed to meet all your training, corporate meeting, and conference needs. Should you need a customized setup for your room, we’ll work to meet any specific requirements desired, upon request. Photos of our facilities and details regarding the features of each training center can be found below.

Interested in rental space in our training center or need additional information? Give us a call at 703-270-4074 or email us at

Training Center Information Washington, DC Additional Details
Classroom Features and Amenities See Additional Details Section. Ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, electronic projection screens, internet access in all classrooms (and free guest Wi-Fi throughout the training center), whiteboards, podiums, flip charts, and thermostats to control the temperature in each  classroom.
Standard Classrooms  Accommodates up to 35 students or meeting attendees. Comfortable accommodations with complimentary Wi-Fi internet access. 
Computer Classrooms Accommodates up to 30 students or meeting attendees. Comfortable, state-of-the-art computer classrooms with internet access.
Breakout Rooms Available upon request. Additional rooms may be available for breakout sessions.
Remote Attendee-Enabled Classrooms Yes We offer classrooms fully equipped to accommodate live classroom and remote students or attendees. In addition, we offer producer support for remote sessions to assist with setup and ensure remote sessions run smoothly. Click here for more information about our remote sessions. 
Studio Space  No Available for virtually-led classes and webinars.
IT Support Yes IT staff members available to address any technical issues which may arise.
Staff Support Yes Staff members available to provide classroom setup and answer any  questions you may have. 
Kitchens and Lounge Areas Kitchens and lounge areas with vending machine selections available for purchase. In our kitchens, we offer a daily complimentary continental breakfast and a variety of beverages throughout the day. Refrigerators and microwaves are also provided for your convenience. 
Internet Access Stations Yes Common area computers are available for guest use, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the training center for your convenience.
ADA-Compliant Facilities Yes Our training center are ADA compliant with easy access to elevators as well as ADA-compliant restrooms and guest internet access stations. 
Metro Accessibility Yes Click here for additional details regarding Metro lines and travel to our training center. 
Garage Access Yes Several parking garages available in the area, including next door to the training center
Local Restaurants Yes Dining establishments are located within walking distance of our training center.