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Available Programs 

Aligned to NCMA, CMS, and CMBOK

Agile Acquisition

A three-course program that will help you save time, reduce risk, and improve the quality of your contracts using Agile practices.  

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Business Acumen

A four-course program to develop stronger critical/strategic thinking, analytical, and business acumen skills for all levels of contracting professionals.  

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Construction and Architect-Engineer Services Credentials

A three-course program built to give you deep understanding of the construction, and architect and engineering services acquisition process.  

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Contracting Team Lead

A four-course program to prepare contracting professionals to lead a contracting team.  

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IT Acquisition

A three-course program designed to give contracting professionals an overview of the information technology acquisition process.  

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Leadership for Contracting Professionals

A four-course program designed to help you develop stronger leadership capabilities.  

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Aligned to NCMA, CMS, CMBOK and DAU

Program Protection – Cyber

A DAU-aligned three-course Program teaching contracting professionals how they can substantially contribute to mitigating supply chain risks including cybersecurity.  


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Services Acquisition

A DAU-aligned three-course Program that will teach you how to select, monitor, and administer performance-based contracts.  

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Career-Boosting Programs for the Federal Acquisition Professional 

The foundation of your career success is strong job performance. Each new step in your career brings new responsibilities and technical challenges that will be easier to navigate if you are prepared. Our credentials are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills that support advancement in your chosen field, whether it is where you are working now, or where you want to go. Credentials are more than just training — they support your career development from the classroom to the real world.

Acquisition Credentials Programs FAQs

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