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The Services Acquisition Credentials Program is designed to give contracting professionals an in-depth view of planning, awarding, and administering performance-based  service contracts. This three-course program supports the competency standards set by NCMA’s ANSI-accredited, Contract Management StandardTM Publication (CMS), and the corresponding Contract Management Book of Knowledge (CMBOK) standards. It is also DAU-aligned. Program participants will learn: 

  • How to be part of a highly qualified workforce capable of performing current and future services acquisition functions
  • How to select, monitor, and administer performance-based contracts
  • How to think critically and make better decisions when navigating the complex situations encountered in government acquisitions

After the successful completion of each individual course, you will be sent an electronic Training Certificate. Upon completion of all program requirements, you will receive a specialized digital badge identifying the Services Acquisition Credentials Program and the associated competencies attained. 

Program Requirements 

Course Title Course Number Learning Objectives/NCMA CMS Competencies Available Delivery Method/s

Writing Performance Work Statements


Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the importance of the performance work statement (PWS) and its role in the acquisition process
  • Demonstrate preparing PWS artifacts using the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool
  • Develop a problem statement and determine the project vision
  • Develop and analyze requirements
  • Develop complete and clear work statements and their associated products
  • Recognize the value of an unambiguous work statement throughout the acquisition life cycle

NCMA CMS Competencies:

1.2  Contract Principles
1.5  Situational Assessment
2.1.1  Plan the Solicitation  Shape the Requirement

CLPs:  24
CEUs:  1.9

  • Instructor-Led Virtual
  • Instructor-Led In-Classroom

Performance-Based Service Acquisition


Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the unique aspects of service acquisition
  • Analyze requirements with respect to the ability to contract based on performance
  • Determine if the requirements document is performance-based
  • Select the method of contracting and source selection process in a performance-based environment
  • Prepare a quality assurance surveillance plan (QASP)
  • Administer a performance-based service contract

NCMA CMS Competencies:

1.2  Contract Principles
1.4  Regulatory Compliance
1.5  Situational Assessment
1.6  Team Dynamics
2.1  Develop the Solicitation
2.1.1  Plan the Solicitation
2.1.2  Conduct Market Research  Prepare the Solicitation
3.1  Form the Contract
3.1.3  Select Source  Administer the Contract  Conduct Post-Award Conference Meeting  Maintain Contact Documentation/Files
4.1.2  Ensure Quality  Plan for Contract Performance Monitoring  Inspect and Accept Contract Performance

CLPs:  40
CEUs:  3.2

  • Instructor-Led Virtual
  • Instructor-Led In-Classroom

Service Contract Labor Standards Statute Overview


Learning Objectives:

  • Determine if the statute applies
  • Understand basic wage and fringe benefit rules
  • Apply the statutory provisions to applicable contracts
  • Enforce the statute

NCMA CMS Competencies:

1.4  Regulatory Compliance

CLPs:  16
CEUs:  1.3

  • Instructor-Led Virtual
  • Instructor-Led In-Classroom

Additional Credential Information

  • Expiration: 3 years from the date earned
  • Restrictions: None
  • Total CLPs if all courses in the Credential are completed: 80
  • Total CEUs if all courses in the Credential are completed: 6.4

Acquisition & Contracting Programs Letter of Intent

Courses completed prior to submitting this Letter of Intent may apply toward completion of the certificate program you wish to pursue. Please note that you have up to three years from the first certificate program course taken to complete the program.

Note: This Letter of Intent is for Management Concepts records only, not a legal contract, and does not obligate the student to take courses.