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Do you have the right people in the right positions? Perhaps there are hidden gems within your organization who only need skills-polishing to become valuable contributors. Or perhaps you have strong individual contributors that only need to hone their communication skills to become part of a truly effective team. True talent management needs a balanced and holistic approach that begins with an evaluation of your current staff. We can help guide you from that initial assessment, through interpreting the results, and on to developing a plan that will maximize individual and organizational strengths.

Our Approach: Gap Analysis & Root Cause Diagnosis

Our assessments start with understanding the organization’s mission, priorities, and performance challenges. We then survey and interview the staff to identify gaps between actual and desired performance. Our expert consultants analyze these performance gaps and diagnose root causes as the foundation for a comprehensive, executable performance plan. Initial assessments can include:
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Knowledge- and Skills-Based Assessments
  • 360-Degree Assessments
  • MBTI®
  • DiSC®

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Assessment Workshops

An assessment workshop can be a great start to uncovering obstacles to peak performance.

MBTI Workshop

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is ideal for individuals and teams who want to discover their personality types and further understand how personality preferences can be leveraged for effective and efficient teamwork.

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360 Assessment

This four-phased workshop uses feedback from a self-assessment, and responses from supervisors, direct reports, and select colleagues or team members to help individuals understand their strengths and identify areas for continued growth and leadership development.*

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Designed for professionals who want to utilize the DiSC Assessment tool to understand the different personal styles and behaviors to build self-awareness and better relationships in the workplace.*

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* These workshops are available for group delivery only at a location of your choice

888.545.8571 to schedule a group delivery of these workshops or discuss custom options.