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A Bold New Program for Acquisition Professionals

Career Gateway Acquisition is a training program that uses the theme of a mission to Mars to elevate every learner to be outcome driven and mission ready.

Our training program goes far beyond the basics to immerse acquisition professionals in robust, experiential, cohort-based training with an emphasis on compliance and outcomes.

Your Gateway to Success Starts Here

Your Gateway to Success Starts Here

Practical & Applicable

Learners will explore essential concepts such as strategic sourcing and key technical competencies that can be leveraged immediately.

Business Focused

From establishing financial management fundamentals to burnishing board room acumen, learners will gain a comprehensive view of the acquisition landscape.

Centered on Collaboration

Cohort-based training provides numerous ways for learners to connect, build communication skills, and embrace teamwork-driven achievement.

Engaging, Dynamic, Professional Acquisition Training

Firm Foundation

Career Gateway: Acquisition conveys the knowledge acquisition professionals need for precise and correct acquisition and contracting actions.

Learner Friendly

Intuitive, straightforward acquisition training is expertly designed to get participants where they need to be with ease.

Motivation Minded

Because Career Gateway: Acquisition training is infused with moments of accomplishment, learners continuously strive for success as they move through the program.

Rocket Fuel for Learners 

What truly sets Career Gateway: Acquisition apart from other acquisition training solutions? Our use of seven key elements to create an immersive and engaging learning experience:

  • Cohort-Based Learning
  • Flipped Classroom Model
  • Objective-Based Activities
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Threaded Storyline
  • Individualized Support
  • Platform-Enabled Learning Journeys
On their own, each of these elements elevate educational possibilities; together, they reinforce and strengthen one another to shape qualified individuals into outstanding acquisition professionals, cementing essential competencies as they move forward in their careers.

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Download the four phases of Career Gateway: Acquisition through this essential summary of our solution.

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