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The unpredictability of the annual Federal appropriations process, coupled with limited training budgets, challenges agencies to find creative ways to develop their workforces. This is especially true for small Federal agencies who are often less able to spare staff from work to attend training and may lack budgets for either travel or the actual courses. To address these obstacles, we offer two Unlimited Training Options exclusively for small agencies. For a flat fee, these programs can give your staff unlimited access to our portfolio of over 275 training courses, taught online or in-classroom by our skilled instructors.

Choose from our Unlimited Training Plan, which gives your staff access to the thousands of instructor-led Open Enrollment classes we conduct annually, or our Unlimited Training Plus Plan, which additionally gives your agency the flexibility to schedule online or in-classroom private group training for your team.

Whether your employees have an ongoing need for required training, want career-enhancing professional development, or are seeking reskilling opportunities to respond to modernization, Unlimited Training provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for small Federal agencies.

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