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Group training is the most effective way to ensure a team learns the same concepts and techniques simultaneously and consistently.

Annually we deliver thousands of private group training courses online and in-classroom to major agencies throughout the federal government. Whether virtual or in-classroom our instructors can tailor course content from the podium to address your organization’s specific issues or you can maximize the impact of your program with custom content designed around your processes, terminology, scenarios, and case studies. What can we build for your team?     

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Private Group Training Solution

Take control of your agency’s workforce development training opportunities by choosing from our vast library of off-the-shelf solutions or customize training program to align with your mission. Our customized solutions allow you to alter the duration, content, or the ability to reconfigure a training program to meet your agency’s needs.

Private Group Training Solutions enable agency sponsors to provide targeted training on critical areas of focus for effective workforce development. Whether in person at an agency facility or virtually, private group training is the most effective way to ensure that your teams learn consistent concepts and techniques simultaneously.

Our training programs are continuously updated to meet the latest regulations and can be tailored to fit your agency’s internal processes. In addition to providing a tailored learning experience, our private group training solution is a cost-effective way to train your teams. Be certain that your agency’s training is guided by its priorities with cost-efficient, solutions-centric Private Group Training.

Unlimited Training Option for Small Agencies

Small Federal agencies are often less able to spare staff from work to attend training, and may lack access to affordable, relevant content. These constraints can lead small agencies to ration valuable training dollars and to defer or eliminate essential staff development, ultimately resulting in performance and retention issues. Our Unlimited Training Option removes these barriers, giving their employees full access to our portfolio of courses while reducing administrative and budgeting burdens for small agencies.

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Professional Government Supervisor Program

Need a configured solution for your front-line supervisors and mid-level managers? Our Professional Government Supervisor Program lets you select from 29 topic areas to build group training that maps directly to OPMs Supervisory Training framework. Select the modules that address your team’s unique skill gaps or choose from one of our pre-designed packages. This competency-aligned program is delivered online or at your office by our experienced instructors.

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Leadership Development Programs

A strong leadership development program is the hallmark of any successful organization. Yet many federal agencies struggle to define a program that will address their specific challenges. While leadership development programs can vary depending on the agency maturity, the group dynamic, and the career-stage of the individual, they should always foster experiential learning to growth the core competencies and skills as defined by OPM and SES career track.

With decades of experience in working with federal needs and requirements, we designed our leadership development programs to meet the OPM and SES recommendations through four integrated learning dimensions: explicit instruction, experiential learning, collaboration and on-the-job practice. We help develop leaders and desired behaviors faster by balancing these proven principles. Let us show you how!

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