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FAC-P/PM and
FAC-P/PM-IT Core-Plus Content

Solidify your Federal acquisition project management skills with courses, targeted to the appropriate level of experience and knowledge for Entry, Mid, or Senior Level certification. Our high-quality courses are available virtually or in-classroom and require the least time of any vendor.

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Advanced Program Management Courses

As your career progresses you are likely to be assigned more sophisticated, demanding, or larger complex programs. Our courses for experienced project and program managers address more topics like deploying an Integrated Project Team (IPT) or recovering a troubled project.

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Agile for Feds

Agile methods are favored by many civilian project and program managers, and for good reason. But obtaining a full Agile certification – and then staffing to support the requirements – is often cost – prohibitive for Federal organizations. Our courses will show you how to apply the most relevant agile methods while understanding and acknowledging the limitations and constraints created by the FAR.

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Agile in the Federal Government

Our complimentary eBook Agile in the Federal Government: Desired Outcomes, Challenges, and Risks focuses on benefits and challenges of implementing Agile methodology in the federal government. From frequent release of incremental deliverables to change-friendly practices, learn the risks and rewards of agile when dealing with unique federal requirements.

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Hybrid Project Management Certificate

Get the knowledge you need to successfully manage complex IT, digital, software development, and systems integration projects in a federal environment. You will learn to use the tools and techniques associated with both adaptive and predictive life cycles.

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Certificate programsProject Management or Program Management Certificate Programs

To be an effective project or program manager you need to be more than detail-oriented. With dozens of elective courses in financial management, acquisition, and analytics, we can tailor a certificate program with the hard and soft skills training you will need to be a standout in your team, department, or organization.

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