Contract Vehicle Summary Information
Agency Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI)
Contract Vehicle Name FAI Acquisition Training Delivery
Contract# HE1AA-P-13-0003
Authorized Users The contract may be used by the 24 CFO Act Agencies and all agencies under the Small Agency Council (approximately 99 small agencies) to order acquisition workforce training.
Award Date/Per. of Performance December 23, 2013, 5 years; 1-yr base; four one-yr options
Scope of Services



X018 through X032 FAC P/PM Training courses – entry, mid and senior levels
X033 through X039 Program and Project Management Certification courses
X040 through X046 Program and Project Management Elective courses
X054 FCN 400, Emergency Contracting
X057 Purchase of Instructors Only for the
Administration of on-line courses or to teach
government-owned material (asynchronous)
X058 Purchase of Instructors to provide train-the trainer
instruction of government-owned
X059 Purchase of a 2nd Instructor for classes with 30
X060 Purchase of Instructor-led Distance Learning
Courses (Virtual Training) (synchronous)
Multiple CLINS Travel
Point of Contact
Vi Zenone 703.790.9595