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Scalable, Customized, and Targeted Learning Solutions

Complex and large-scale organizations often need unique solutions to meet their unique objectives. Our on-staff instructional designers and subject matter experts create custom content, matched to your processes, terminology, scenarios, and case studies to provide a measurably better learning outcome for your team. Our learning solutions are 508-compliant, SCORM-conforming, and can be built either from the ground up to your specifications, or by using our modular COTS content. 

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eLearning Portals Deliver Content at Scale

Our custom portals are designed to fully support the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of eLearning and training requirements. Additionally, portals offer typical training administrative needs.

U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment and Training Service (DOL VETS) prepares America’s veterans, service members, and their spouses for meaningful post-service careers. The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI)  was established by DOL VETS to develop and enhance the professional skills of the providers who deliver these employment services to veterans. Our innovative eLearning portal supports course scheduling, notifications, hosting of supplemental materials, and access to a vibrant Community of Practice to keep providers current on employment regulations and practices.

Gamified Custom Content Helps Students Practice New Skills

By adding a competitive, gamified eLearning tool to an instructor-led training course, we engaged students at the Marine Corps Recruiting Command, motivated learners to refine their skills, and encouraged behavioral change beyond the classroom. See how it works.


Micro-Learning Modules

Most students learn best when they take in information via multiple modalities. Our instructional design process incorporates best practices in applied adult learning theory – and that can often include "micro-learning" delivered in the classroom or online. View examples of how we use video to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of content.

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