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Build a Better Team, One Group at a Time

When there are specific training and development challenges affecting an entire group or department, a focused approach is the best option. We offer a spectrum of solutions to address teams of any size, ranging from delivery of tailored course content in a private group setting, to assessments that can help you identify specific areas for improvement, and even to a dedicated eLearning portal with curated content chosen with the group’s needs in mind. Our 176-page Private Group Training Resource Guide is a valuable tool for Training Officers, HR professionals, and others that design team training programs. It contains a complete listing of the courses and services that can be delivered at your location.

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Group Training at Our Location – or Yours

Group training is the most effective way to ensure all your employees learn the same concepts and techniques simultaneously and consistently. You can use one of our training facilities or have the class and the instructors come to you. The Private Group Training option can reduce or even eliminate travel costs as well as time away from the office. In this setting our instructors can deliver custom content or tailor course content from the podium to address your organization’s specific issues.

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Expand Your Training with Remote Seats

If your team is geographically dispersed, we can help contain travel costs with our Remote Seat option. Students who are not at the central training location can still participate fully, with a video feed and two-way audio that allows interaction with their instructor and peers.

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Achieve Specific Learning Objectives with Custom Content

Maximize the impact of your Private Group Training program through custom content designed around your processes, terminology, scenarios, and case studies. Our on-staff instructional designers and subject matter experts can develop unique content – along with customized materials (e.g., workbooks and job aids) – from the ground up. Alternatively, we can create a customized learning path ranging from hours to days using our modular content.

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Build Supervisor Performance Management Skills

Custom solutions for Federal Government supervisors increase effectiveness, improve team productivity, and foster innovation. The Professional Government Supervisor Program maps directly to OPM’s supervisory training framework.

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Beyond Group Training

As the industry-leading training provider in the public sector for more than 45 years, we recommend several services that can enhance outcomes for individuals or groups.

Assessment Services

Knowledge- and skills-based assessments can be a valuable part of team-, department-, or organization-wide change management. We offer several types of assessments and our on-staff consultants can assist in interpreting results and mapping out next steps.

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Coaching Services

Our coaching solutions draw out the skills, resources, and creativity that already exist to break down barriers and accelerate professional growth. Improve self-confidence, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal relationships with our peer-to-peer coaching and team coaching programs.

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Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs benefit organizations by supporting relationship-building across the organization, institutional knowledge retention, and multi-generational collaboration. Mentoring also fosters a culture of service and stewardship. Our programs are interactive and engaging and provide participants with practical approaches and tools.

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Facilitation Services

Our comprehensive and time-tested facilitation process assists groups in developing and agreeing on workable, realistic plans and solutions to challenges. Let our experienced facilitators help to resolve conflict, manage change, and build consensus quickly so that your team can work more effectively.

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