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Your Partner in Workforce Development

As a leader in the development of individuals, teams, and organizations, we understand that effectively managing change has positioned our customers for successful futures. We deliver all of our services, regardless of size or scope, with the same philosophy, which is to build on your people’s strengths in order to identify new solutions to the continual challenges your organization faces.

We believe professional development is an ongoing process of continual improvement. We value our direct customer relationships and take pride in the comprehensive delivery of our solutions. We achieve results by providing tools, guidance, and a framework to help your organization overcome gaps in workforce capacity, capability, and competency.

Our methodology is based on valid metrics. We collect the right measurable data whether the goal is to improve onboarding effectiveness, manage cultural and technology change, or improve retention. Our evaluation process will keep your workforce on track. We monitor progress on an ongoing basis and use that information to make our recommendations for developing your workforce in alignment with your organization’s mission and strategic vision. All of our solutions are mapped to OPM’s Senior Executive Service Executive Core Qualifications (Leading Change, Leading People, Results Driven, Business Acumen, and Building Coalitions) and the underlying fundamental core competencies.

Our development solutions will map a process to close your skills gaps, while capitalizing on the assets and human capital already in place within your organization. Central to our work is helping employees and leaders in government move to a culture in which accountability is key. Our evaluation and monitoring services will ensure the integrity of your performance improvement initiatives and provide reporting and analysis to validate your investments and capture the results achieved.

We are your partner in performance and workforce development!

Your Benefits

  • A trusted partner with over 45 years of experience working with the Federal Government; knows what services will be effective
  • Train your workforce for increased efficiency
  • Easily acquire services needed through GSA, and agency-specific contract vehicles

Success requires the ability to identify the current and ideal states for the organization, document the gaps that exist, and create actionable, measured plans to advance toward improvement. Based on your organization’s unique circumstances and interests, our experts help you create customized assessments and develop concrete, executable plans to move your workforce forward for long-term success.

Management Concepts can guide your organization through the complete transformation process.