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New Courses Tailored to the Emerging Needs of Federal Employees

Management Concepts helps federal employees like you master new requirements, regulations, and skills as changes in government occur. Take a look at this selection of the new offerings we have in store for you beginning FY 2020.

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Available Q1 2020

Federal Grants Update

ONE DAY. Overview of current and upcoming grants environment, including how proposed changes to the Uniform Guidance, addition of new grants data elements and the migration to will affect the grants realm.

Available Q3 2020

Federal Travel Regulations (TDY)

ONE DAY. Get updated on TDY travel rules and regulations covering civilian employees in non-DoD agencies. Topics include government travel card use, per diems, lodging, international travel and high-cost-area allowances.

Federal Employee Benefits

ONE DAY. HR professionals can gain an understanding of the programs available to Federal employees throughout their careers.

Joint Travel Regulations (TDY)

ONE DAY. Covers TDY rules and regulations for government travel card use, per diem, lodging, international travel and high-cost-area allowances for uniformed members, civilian employees, and other DoD personnel.

National Policies Overview for Federal Grant Managers

SELF-PACED. Keep compliant with requirements imposed by various public policies such as the Hatch Act, Civil Rights Act, and others.

Emerging Technologies - Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

ONE DAY. Get the basics around RPA, how it can streamline your processes and how to prepare yourself and your staff for this important change.

Processing Personnel Actions

ONE DAY. Get an in-depth tour of The Guide to Processing Federal Personnel Actions issued by OPM and learn the practical application of its requirements.

Procurement Innovation – FAR Flexibilities

TWO DAYS. Understand the use of long-recognized but underutilized strategies described in FAR 1.02-4 as well as new strategies in use by agencies.

Understanding Industry (Business Acumen)

  4.5 DAYS. Strengthen your business acumen and gain skills necessary to succeed in 21st century contracting.

Available Q4 2020

Advanced Accounting Courses

VARIOUS. Participants’ critical thinking and analytical acuity will be challenged in these advanced accounting classes.

Creating Dashboards

ONE DAY. Learn how to gain insights from your data and communicate results to your stakeholders through well-designed dashboards.

EEO in the Federal Environment

ONE DAY. This course introduces HR professionals to prohibited forms of discrimination, as well as the rights and responsibilities of Federal employees, supervisors, managers, and agencies.

Available Q1 2021

Category Management Primer

ONE HOUR. Learn fundamental category management concepts, how they will affect the government’s specific approach, and about tools available to better utilize the concepts.