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From the Public Sectors Most Trusted Partner for Over 50 Years

Whether you are looking to fulfill the mandate of a block grant or to support employee skills enhancement objectives within your agency, our learning eco-systems can make your vision a reality. Each eco-system is an intentionally built environment that weaves together learning opportunities, resources, data, and people in the physical and virtual world to encourage continuous improvement and growth.

Management Concepts Learning Eco-System

At the Center: Fulfilling Your Program’s Mandate and Vision

Federal assistance and training programs are a powerful way to support public health, employment, and safety initiatives, both within the US and abroad. From DOL’s military-to-civilian transition program to CDC’s ongoing Train the Trainer (ToT) programs, these programs can be a strong force-multiplier, giving federal, state and local staff the targeted information they need to in turn support their constituents. Regardless of whether a program is operated by a single agency or as an interagency cooperative effort, our learning eco-systems can enhance your existing structure or operate as a complete and stand-alone solution.

Successful Training Pathways Begin with Quality Content

From our inception we have maintained a skilled cadre of subject matter experts, adult learning experts, instructional designers and technical support staff. We now offer the largest portfolio of quality, federal-focused training courses, but also have the capability to develop high-quality custom content to meet your desired learning outcomes. Our content is managed through a continuous improvement process to ensure the most up-to-date information is always included and is rigorously reviewed to ensure 508 compliance.


Seamless Technology, Unmatched Full-Cycle Logistics Support

Few businesses can provide the technical and operational scalability that we bring to the table. For decades we have delivered hundreds of courses across the country and around the world. Our content – or yours – can be delivered via multiple instructional modalities such as ILT, virtual ILT, e-learning, and even simulations. Need a single access point for your learners? Our in-house experts are skilled in developing secure, learning management portals in months, not years. These cloud-based portals support not only content delivery, but also the administrative needs of learning programs, making them an ideal hub for workforce transformation initiatives.

The People that
Make a Difference

From customer support to facilitators, the people that your people engage with in our learning ecosystem are professional, tenured, and experts in the federal space. Our coaches and consultants can help you identify performance gaps and design individualized solutions using a range of sophisticated assessment tools. If you don’t have the relevant internal subject matter experts (SMEs) we can provide highly qualified individuals to help you define and create the appropriate content. And when it comes to delivering that content our facilitators, dedicated project managers, and producers ensure flawless execution in classroom and online. Supplement your existing staff with our specialized skills or let us create a turn-key experience that keeps the burden off your team; regardless of the scale, we have the right people to make it happen.

Extending the Eco-System with Ongoing Learning

Learning doesn’t end with the last class. Our ecosystem incorporates a variety of extended learning opportunities such as podcasts, webinars, communities of practice. We can even support mentoring and facilitate peer-to-peer environments that allow participants to keep up in real-time with ever-evolving federal regulations and requirements, to perfect communications skills, and to network.

Ready To Start?

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From custom courses that are specific to your agency’s needs to peer-to-peer interactions designed to keep every student engaged and ready for more knowledge, you’ll find the expertise you need to help ensure the outcomes you want.