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Measurable Improvements Throughout Your Organization

Do you have the right people in the right positions? Perhaps there are hidden gems within your organization that only need skills-polishing to become valuable contributors. Or perhaps your team excels in one area, but you need team members to hone additional skills to become a truly effective team. Talent management needs a balanced and holistic approach that begins with an evaluation of your current staff. We can help guide you from that initial assessment, through interpreting the results, and on to developing a plan that will maximize individual and organizational strengths.

Assessments Drive Your Talent Management Strategy

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Gap Analysis and Root Cause Diagnosis

Our assessments start with understanding the organization’s mission, priorities, and performance challenges. We then survey and interview the staff to identify gaps between actual and desired performance. Our expert consultants analyze performance gaps and diagnose root causes as the foundation for a comprehensive, executable performance plan. Initial assessments can include:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Professional Practice Analysis
  • Knowledge- and Skills-Based Assessments
  • 360-Degree Assessments
  • Organization Culture Assessments

Download our whitepaper Assessments Provide a Foundation for Decision-Making to see 3 assessments programs essential to driving organization’s strategy and mission performance.


Develop an Action Plan

A detailed action plan provides direction and accountability for your team’s journey. We have over 45 years of experience benchmarking performance and developing business cases and related action plans across a variety of industries. This experience, coupled with the organization-specific knowledge we gain while partnering with you during the strategic planning process, enables us to develop strong cases for investment that have high probability of acceptance.

Performance Transformation

Strategic planning is critical to setting an organization up for success; but its true value is only realized if the strategy is implemented successfully. Management Concepts will work with you to not only develop your long-term strategic plan, but also to ensure that your organizational structure, workforce, processes, tools and technologies, and culture are aligned with your mission & strategy to enable successful execution of the plan.

Download our whitepaper Successful Change Management Practices in the Public Sector to identify top change drivers and common roadblocks highlighted by high-performing organizations during transformation.


Sustaining Change

What gets measured gets done, and consistent performance measurement is vital to ensuring an organization stays on track to achieve its mission and goals. Management Concepts will help you identify the key drivers of your organization’s performance, define data-driven KPIs and metrics that tie back to your strategy and mission, develop monitoring and reporting systems, and provide you with the tools to evaluate your results and use that information to continue to drive change and transform your business.

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